Your May 2021 Astrology Energy Forecast

Are you ready for May? Watch my video above and discover what’s in store. We’ve got big, auspicious energies — like the Taurus New Moon on May 11. And Jupiter going into its beautiful domicile, Pisces on May 13.

On the other hand, we’ve also got some tricky stuff to navigate: a full moon lunar eclipse (26th), Mercury square Neptune (22nd) and both Saturn (23rd) and Mercury going retrograde (29th).

I want you to get all the juicy details, they’re in the video above. So I’m just going to give you a time stamp key showing you where everything is…

TIME STAMPS: 2:00 –Theme #1 3:25 – Theme #2 4:20 – Theme #3 5:25 – May 3 – Mercury Enters Gemini 6:08 – Venus Enters Gemini 7:30 – May 11 – New Moon in Taurus 11:05 – May 13 – Jupiter in Pisces 13:35 – May 22 – Mercury Squares Neptune 15:50 – May 23 – Saturn Retrograde 16:45 – Full Moon Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse 20:05 – Mercury Retrograde 24:15 – Goddess Card #1 25:40 – Goddess Card #2


Much love and many blessings,

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8 thoughts on “Your May 2021 Astrology Energy Forecast”

  1. Thank you Vicki…as always you are so calming in a world that is not. Have a great weekend. Jayne

  2. Please don’t stop these wonderful astrology forecasts! I really really look forward to them and listen to every one!!!!

  3. thanks Vickie! i luv luv your energy forecasts-thanks for taking the time and energy to create and thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Vicki!
    I love, love, love and super appreciate your energy forecasts, and look forward to them every month! Thank you very, very much!
    Much love and blessings to you!

  5. Bethanie C. Deerchild

    ThanX Vickie for your Earth,Moon,Planet Forecasts which informs us ALL~~ I am a Novice for most of what is brought up, yet follow Full Moon & Aries(I am an A discussion most times. Your May Forecast actually let me know there i,was a New MOON this month! No Earth gardening as winter showed again in the Foothills of Colorado with freezing temps. Had been gifted with Purple Pansies so will get them out soon plus scatter Wild flower seeds in Honor of Your wonderful creative Energie Forecasts & Chakra Boosters! 🧡🥀💛🌹

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