Pisces Full Moon ~ Blue Moon Dreaming


Pisces Full Moon – August 31, 2012,  6:58 am PDT

I am writing this post from the Hawaiian islands, Kauai, to be exact. I know I am cutting it closer than usual, as she will be rising tomorrow night, but I am glad I did. I was so set on getting everything I possibly could done before this 12 day trip, the longest time off I have ever taken, the longest I have been away from work, my home, my husband, my dog; my Aries moon was alive with the anxious fire of making sure I finished every task… but somehow, something in me wanted to wait for this post. Even though I knew I would not be able to get to a computer easily, maybe not at all, and that there was a tiny chance for the first time in 4 years I could miss sending my message out, I waited.

That desire, that intuition that is so opposite of everything in me, is Pisces. Pisces is the oldest and last sign of the zodiac, the sign of Mutable (transforming) water (emotion.) I don’t think there is another location that could so aptly represent this energy as well as Hawaii. Talk about mutable water! Clouds, mist, rain, rainbows, waterfalls, streams, lagoons, bays, oceans…. every possible water form is here and each form is in constant transformation throughout the day. We have seen a perfect blue sky change to torrential rain in less than 10 minutes, watched the ocean shift from Gray to green to cerulean… and time moves differently here. It almost does not exist. And if you know any Pisces, the odds are you know they are never good with starting or ending things on time. It just does not translate in that dreamy, flowy world they reside in.

Pisces rules our dreams, intuitions, emotions and empathy. Do pay attention to your dreams, and any messages that come up for you in meditation or while you are near any water source the next few days, they will be stronger and more prophetic than usual! On the topic of dreams, let me mention that this particular full moon is a rare blue moon, which means the full moon has fallen a second time in the same month. We will not have another blue moon until 2015 so it is even more important to take time to let Pisces message in this weekend!

What is this Pisces blue moon full moon good for? Wishes. Wishes and our most fluid dreams. The main reason I am writing to you from this magical island is because of one woman’s lifelong dream to someday visit Hawaii; which might have felt like a blue moon dream, unlikely, impossible, even, at times. Through years of work and other travels, it stayed in the back of her mind. Close, but not quite there yet. She had actually been to all 49 other states! The day she set foot on Hawaiian soil, it was actually a dream come true.

That is what we can do this weekend! Open ourselves up to unlikely dreams, wishes, ideals. Write them down, sing them, share them, hold them close to our heart. Let them tantalize us as we dance around the ocean, or soak in a hot tub this weekend. Meditate on your deep dreams as you place a jar of water under the full moon, let it charge over night and then sip it over the month, reminding you and filling you with the power of your dreams.

Pisces may be the dreamer, but most of the Pisces I know also make dreams come true because they really believe anything is possible! They also don’t get dissuaded when things don’t unfold as planned, they allow the dream to change as it progresses, just like this island and those that live here don’t get upset about much. They go about their day, filled with love and gratitude (also known as Aloha, the actual translation being a sharing of love or spirit) and trust whatever happens.

I feel like I am in a dream, watching this blue full moon rise over the ocean from the shores of Kauai…. and I wish I could share this feeling with each of you, because than maybe you could really comprehend that dreams do come true! And there is so much beauty, magic and spirit within each of us and all over the beautiful blue planet. Pisces is the oldest of the signs, yet she is a dreamer, a mystic. She has been through all the other elements and energies and now just rolls with it, like the old Hawaiians do. They smile as the tourists push around, eager to see, buy and eat everything as quickly as possible. They no longer rush or worry, they just take their time and live the dream.

Live your dreams, even if it is only pretend for now, under the blue moon. I have been learning the hula and it is such a sweet way to share hopes and stories. Let your body move, in the water, or as though you were immersed. Sway, shimmy and let your fantasies play out. In Hawaii they say, you have to give Aloha to get Aloha, so give some love and spirit to the moon, and your dreams, and then watch as they give it back to you. It may not come in the time you think or the form you want, but it will be exactly as you need!

Blue moon blessings and a big Alo-HA to you all!



Bekah Finch Turner is a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com


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