Leo New Moon (August 17) — We All Shine On


Leo New Moon – Friday, August 17, 2012 at 8:54 PST

Maybe it’s because Mercury is now direct, or because we are on the other side of summer, cruising towards fall equinox; or maybe because, other than having two full moons, August feels like a valley month, rather than a peak. Perhaps it is because I go on a nice, long vacation in two weeks; whatever the reason, I feel sort of… chill. Calm, laid back. and a little lazy. Kinda like coming off a roller coaster that we have been riding since the eclipse cycle back in May and all the systems of my body are resetting from so much adrenaline and action. This is how I imagine summer felt when I was a kid and all I had to do was eat, sleep and play with my friends.

I really have plenty to do and there is still a lot going on in the world, but I am enjoying the “dog days” sensation and maybe that’s why, as I mused on what the Leo new moon holds, my mind was drawn back to childhood. No matter how many people I meet or how much I learn about astrology, my initial reaction to an upcoming cycle is usually based in my first relationship with someone born under that sign. When I think of Leo, I think of the two lionesses I met in middle school, who are still my dear friends and continue to embody the Leo essence to this day.

They were both blond, popular and had an ease about them my over stimulated Gemini twelve year old brain could not comprehend. They were best friends, had been since elementary school. I really did not want to like them, especially since the boy I liked liked one of them. In fact, all the boys liked her. And why not? She was luminous, with an infectious smile and bright eyes. I really did not want to like them. And had every intention of “starting” something when I ran into them in the girls bathroom (My Aries moon already had me smoking in the bathroom in middle school, I thought I was really tough, you see.) But somehow, the fight I sought never even came up, we were giggling and chatting within moments and I knew in my heart I would love them fiercely.

Despite all the dramas of adolescence and the struggles I had with my Capricorns and Cancers, I could never really get mad at those Leos! Even when they made me angry, or continued to get the boys and all the attention, things just stayed cool. It was baffling to me, how could they be popular with everyone? How did they manage to stand out, but still somehow share the spotlight? How, with one smile or tear, could they change an entire situation? How were they smart and pretty, at the same time?

Leo, fixed fire, while aptly symbolized by the Lion, also feels to me like the sun. The brightest star in the sky, yet shares her light with the entire solar system. The sun is most definitely, without question, the center of our universe but she does not ask for anything from anyone, she is content to shine her light and let that light create more light. Maybe that is why the Leo confidence seems easy, they really don’t know any different, they inherently sense their super shiny importance so there is no need to struggle or compete. They just offer light out and delight when the glow is reflected back. That is one of my favorite sun/moon, masculine/feminine teachings; the moon does not have to create her own light, she just simply reflects back the active light of the sun. I am so grateful for the sun, and the Leo’s in my life, for they have been some of my best teachers in learning to give and receive.

Granted, it can be a little different in an intimate relationship with a lion/ess, but when you are just another planet in their universe, it’s pretty sweet to have that sunshine to bask in.

That is what I wish, for all of us, this month. Let’s curl up like lion cubs under summer’s last warm kisses, purring in your favorite sun spot. Celebrate the cycle; be gregarious, spontaneous and social. Explore your own flare for drama through outfits and outings, take in some theatre at the park, have a huge family picnic with an impromptu talent show! Start a neighborhood block party or community barbecue. What makes your light shine, but also inspires you to share with others? Do that! Be thankful for the Leo’s in your universe, what they offer and what they can teach all of us about shining unconditionally, without judgement, criticism or competition. Under the brilliant rays of our brilliant Sun and the fixed fire ruler of this cycle, we can all shine on.



Bekah Finch Turner is a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com

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