Virgo New Moon ~ Transformation & Balance


Virgo New Moon ~ 7:11 pm PDT

Our lunar cycle is still doing a unique dance. Normally, September, the month heralding autumn equinox, is ruled by Libra, the symbol of balancing the scales. While the sun will still move into Libra on Saturday 9/22, one of two days where night and day are equal, resulting in longer days during the March holy day and longer nights in September, our new moon is ruled by Virgo.

Virgo is mutable earth, the transformation of the physical. I have sometimes struggled to comprehend this energy. How do you explain moving earth? But somehow, experiencing Virgo at the onset of autumn fills me with inspiration and clarity! It must be because so much of the earth is in transition at this time. We are seeing the season transform from summer to fall and the leaves, trees, grasses and plants are all changing their colors.

In addition to getting to see so much earthly shifting to honor Virgo, this is my favorite cycle for taking stock of my diet, lifestyle and overall health. Virgo has been long considered the healer, for what is more mutable than the human body? She gently reminds us to make our annual doctor/dentist visits, to explore a seasonal cleanse or fast and to possibly open ourselves up to another kind of healing, like acupuncture, energy work, chiropractic or yoga. The mutable quality reminds us that we are not solely physical, but there is emotional, mental and spiritual energies that need to tended to as well. True healing comes from remembering wholeness and releasing anything that does not serve you or your dreams.

Once again I am reminded of the sculptor who just chips away anything that is not the statue. That, to me, is much of Virgo’s message. What has compiled over the year that is not truly yours? What baggage have you picked up, or possible been carrying that you could let go of? Set intentions around this new moon, so close to equinox, to bringing yourself fully, body, mind and spirit, back to balance.

Interestingly enough, just before I started writing this, my husband and I signed the necessary paperwork to move, starting the day of the new moon! We are not going far, but Virgo will definitely be active in our lives this month as we clean and pack the old place and clean and unpack the new. Moving is hard and it can drain us on so many levels, thank goodness I can harness this new moon energy and make it a magical task! Plus, we will now be high in the Verdugo mountains, surrounded by so much of the nature I love just in time to watch the season change. Knowing where we are in the cycle, I feel peaceful and supported in this decision and look forward to the transition.

However you choose to celebrate the Virgo new moon, try to be somewhere you can appreciate the changes in nature. Bring a journal and reflect on what needs healing in your life. Virgo is also quite the organizer so listen to her inspiration about how to create the changes you seek, even if it is something that is new to you. Look for her messages and suggestions as you walk or hike in the first days of Autumn, or pay attention to books, magazines or recommendations that come your way concerning holistic health. You may feel an overwhelming urge to clean your home, go through closets or make a to-do list! This is a cycle of change and dissolution, so be open to moving in the flow and letting go as often as you can. It can sometimes be scary when what feels solid starts to shift, but it is necessary to keep us growing and on our path.

Have a beautiful and blessed new moon/Fall equinox~


Bekah Finch Turner is a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com

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