Open Your Fifth Chakra With This Simple Yoga Pose


This week, we’re going to look at the throat chakra that is all about truth and purpose. This is the fifth video post in my series of simple yoga poses you can do to boost each chakra, so if you haven’t seen the previous video posts, you can watch them here:

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Your throat chakra is called “Visuddha” in Sanskrit which means “purity.” And if you think about it – even just visually – the name makes sense. Look at your body. Your lower body which contains your first three chakras and the “bridge” chakra, your heart, create a fairly wide energetic passage way. Suddenly, at the throat, all the upward-moving energy of your lower body must be moved into the very narrow passage way of your neck.

What this means is you must filter out some of the energy that wants to move upward. Like a four-lane highway narrowing down to one or two lanes, your throat chakra creates a sort of bottle neck where you may feel “choked up.” This is fine. It’s just doing it’s job and challenging you to get clear on what you want to express.

It’s important at this point that you get honest and forthright. What is important to you? What is your truth? What did you come here to do? The upper chakras require a certain discernment and the fifth chakra is a gateway to this upper, more rarefied field of yourself.

So, understandably, it’s easy to get stuck here, or to feel it’s near impossible to say your truth. The fifth chakra is a masculine chakra, so it is very connected to your third chakra, which is the next masculine chakra down. If you can step into your confidence, take action and be bold and decisive (all characteristics of the third chakra), then you will have the proper foundation for expressing your truth.

Also, if you can come from your heart, then you will have a way of communicating your truth in a powerful and inspirational way.

So, what I’m trying to say with all this is that your chakras are sequential. That is why I am releasing this series of simple yoga poses sequentially from the ground up.

When you do the squats of the first chakra, you feel grounded, present in your body and safe. From there, you feel stable enough to move into the pulsating exercises of the second chakra – such as cat-cow and stir-the-pot – and experience the easy, flowing sensuality. That ease then gives you the contrast to step into the masculine, “can do” fire of your third chakra with core exercises and/or breath of fire. Then, the determination of that fire gives you the courage to open your heart energy and finally, you can then open up the power of your voice in and express your deepest truth and purpose.

The pose I demo here will not only boost your fifth chakra energy, but it will also help strengthen your neck muscles and get them moving back into their ideal position. You see, our culture is looking down at smart phones and gadgets so much these days that we are literally beginning to lose our nature neck curves. And that’s not good. More and more of us have our necks jutting forward from all our habits of looking down.

Your neck should be centered over the rest of your spine, and have a nice, soft C-curve. Your lower back should have one as well. They’re meant to echo and support each other. Watch the video above and practice it daily to gain back your neck curve and rediscover your true voice. As an additional exercise, you may want to sing loudly and freely whenever you’re in the shower. Enjoy!

Love and blessings,


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  • christina
    August 11, 2014

    Nice article. Totally i read this about throat chakra. I understand this and i see this video. Really nice. Thanksssss Online Chakra Balancing

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