Auras, Tantra, “Chakra-ism” and More on My Seven Chakras Podcast


If you like chakras, you’re going to love this interview. It’s undoubtedly the most comprehensive one I’ve ever done. AJ, the Host of My Seven Chakras packed so much into this under-90 minute episode that I decided to create a guide (below) to help you find the topics that interest you most.

Watch the whole video above or skip to the topics that interest you the most. Here are the time stamps and related topics:

4:45 – Vicki’s Story of How She Got Into the Chakras

12:10 – What Are the Chakras? 

13:35 – How the Chakras Relate to the Aura

16:02 – Energy and First Impressions

17:10 – The Benefits of Chakra Balancing

18:30 – Live Throat Chakra Healing

21:00 – What is CHAKRA-ISM?

25:11 – “Masculine” and “Feminine” Chakras

28:30 – How the Chakras Relate to Fulfillment and Success

29:25 – Why Chakra Assessment is Key (and the Energy of Psychosis)

31:20 – 3D Chakra Balancing Exercise

35:45 – How Vicki “Downloaded” the Chakra Life Cycle System

41:50 – Why We’re All Healers

43:10 – DNA and the Chakras

44:05 – Tantra, the Chakras and Duality

47:20 – Using Chakra Energy to Spice Up You Relationship

57:55 – Is an Overactive Chakra Compensating for Something?

1:00:40 – How We Are Becoming Super Heroes

1:03:40 – How to Do Chakra Work for More Abundance 

1:09:20 – Energy Hot Spots on the Globe — Especially Sedona

1:13:50 – Best Actions to Take to Boost and Balance Your Chakras

1:18:00 – “Wisdom Round”

1:20:10 – Chakra Life Cycle Book, “Roadmap to Life Mastery: Discover the 7-Year Cycles That Shift Your Life.”

Thanks for listening!!

Love and blessings,

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  • Michael Basdeo
    July 18, 2019

    I like this

  • July 21, 2019

    good to hear

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