How to Heal Your Chakras the Easy Way — Use Your Senses


I love sharing easy ways to work with the chakras and this one might be my favorite.

Did you know that each of your chakras relates to one of your physical senses?

They do!

And when you know which sense relates to each chakra, you can use your senses to heal and boost your chakras easily.

In this post, I’m going to share the sense that relates to each chakra here (below), but please watch the video above to hear the simple healing suggestions I provide for each one.

Your root chakra is your most primal chakra. It’s tied to your survival, so it shouldn’t surprise you that it’s also connected to your most primitive sense — SMELL.

Your sacral chakra is tied to your intimacy and sensuality — and so is your mouth. Kissing is perhaps the most intimate act two people can engage in. Face-to-face, they communicate their feelings with their lips and mouths.

And many of us incorporate aphrodisiac type foods into our sex lifes.

Can you guess what sense is related to the sacral chakra? That’s right, TASTE.

Your solar plexus chakra is your center “masculine” chakra. It’s very action-oriented, focused and goal directed. What sense do we need to have focus and to move forward toward a goal? SIGHT! That’s why men — and beings who have a lot of masculine energy — are typically very visual.

Your heart chakra is the energy that gives and receives love as well as healing, which moves from the heart, down the arms and out the hands. So it should be no surprise that your heart chakra is related to the sense of TOUCH. And it explains why we love to hug those we love.

Your throat chakra is about expression and sound and it’s related to the last physical sense — HEARING. Sound is vibrational frequency — and that’s what your upper more spiritually-oriented chakras are about too — vibration!

Of course, your third eye/brow/sixth chakra is connected to your SIXTH SENSE. Because that is what the third eye is ALL about — esp!

And since your crown chakra is above your physical body and all about consciousness (rather than embodiment), when you practice withdrawing your senses, you boost your crown chakra energy.

Your chakras are naturally connected to your senses (or in the case of the crown, the absence of any). Opening your senses in an aware way is a form of embodied meditation. That’s why tapping into your senses is a very effective tool for boosting your chakras.

All you have to do is focus on expanding a particular sense and you automatically begin boosting that chakra.

Yes, it can be that easy! Watch my video above and try some of my suggestions for tapping into the power of your senses. The best way to believe it is to experience it for yourself.

Thanks for being a spiritual warrior! Your not just changing yourself, but the energy of this planet.

Love and blessings,

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