Heal Your Crown Chakra Inner Child (with Meditation)

Bravo Beautiful Soul, you’ve arrived at the final video for this series! It’s time for you to meet and support your Crown Chakra Inner Child.

Hopefully, you’ve seen the other videos. If not, I recommend you watch one a day for a week and go through the whole series. You’ll feel more connected to all the different, younger parts of yourself from age 1 to 7.

Healing Videos For:







Your Spiritual/Chakra Development

In each of your first seven years of life, you experience a different, basic human need. And each need relates to a different chakra. In the first year, it’s the root chakra need for safety. In the second year, it’s your sacral chakra need for variety and play. In your third year, it’s your need to be significant (to be seen and to learn autonomy), and so on.

You can learn about your specific needs by clicking on the links for each chakra above.

When all of your chakra needs get met, your chakras are usually strong and open. But if any of these basic needs don’t get met, there’s a good chance that the related chakra is weak or closed down.

I describe our human energetic developmental process in great detail in my book, Your Roadmap to Life Mastery: Discover the 7-Year Cycles That Shape Your Life.

Your 7-Year Old’s Basic Need

In the video above, we’re healing your seven year-old crown chakra inner child. This is the part of you that needs to be connected to the Divine (or God or any other name you want to give all-that-is).

Seven is the age when children start to learn how to reason on a higher level. It’s a sort of rite of passage into deeper, more independent thought. If you want an earful, ask a seven year old if god exists.

This seventh year is a natural follow up from the sixth year when a child is opening to intuition, imagination and other realms.

Often at this age, though, a child is being raised in an environment where their religious beliefs have already been decided for them. And in many cases, they’ve been attending church — or at least Sunday school — since they were old enough to walk.

It’s hard for a young child to know what his or her authentic relationship to God is. But where the family already has a tacit agreement of what that relationship is, it’s even harder.

Your Relationship with the Divine

What was your relationship with the Divine when you were seven years old? Where you told what to believe? Was it a prerequisite in your family to believe (or not believe) in a particular God? Was spirituality a part of your family life? These are just a few of the questions I explore in the video above.

At 10:34 in the video above, I guide you through a powerful meditation that’ll reconnect you with your Crown Chakra Inner Child. Give yourself the gift of taking the time to do it. You may be very surprised what comes up!

Both of our two highest needs — for the third eye and crown chakras — are related to spirit and therefore don’t seem like true “needs.” But in this temporal world, having a connection to the unlimited side of ourselves may be the biggest need of all.

Certainly, we humans have poured a whole lot of time, love and money into creating temples and churches for millennia. This seems to demonstrate that while spirituality doesn’t relate much to our mere physical survival, it’s still a incredibly powerful human need and driver.

May you strengthen your bond with (God) Consciousness this week, Beautiful Soul, and remember that you’re Divine!

Love and blessings,

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