Love Your Inner Child and Heal Your Lower Chakras


In this two part series (part 1 above), we’re going to look at whether your foundational needs got met in the first seven years of your life and do some healing work with your inner child.

It’s simple, powerful stuff.

You ready?

When we’re born, we’re totally dependent. Also, we’re little sponges, picking up the preferences and beliefs of everyone around us.

From very early on, we learn to adapt to get our most basic needs met. This includes our need for food, warmth, diaper changing, physical touch and more.

Then, as we age, we seek approval, attention, appreciation and the like.

All this adapting causes us to close down parts of ourselves of which we believe others don’t approve. In this week’s video, we work with gain back the power of our lower chakras by giving unconditional love and support to our inner child within.

We walk through the foundational development of each chakra at these ages:

Age 1 = Root Chakra

Age 2 = Sacral Chakra

Age 3 = Solar Plexus Chakra

And so on.

And I guide you through a series of questions that will help you determine if your foundational chakra needs were met in those crucially important first seven years of your life.

Watch the video above, extend love and compassion to your younger self and open up dormant aspects of yourself.

Love, joy and blessings,

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