Affirmations Can Be Counterproductive – Do THIS Instead


If you like affirmations and they have been working well for you, then you may not need to watch this week’s video.

But IF you did affirmations and any or all of these happened to you:

  1. You felt awkward doing them.
  2. You found you couldn’t believe them as you said that.
  3. They didn’t create the results you wanted.

You’ll probably find this week’s video really useful and revelatory.

While working with private clients, I discovered that affirmations didn’t work for many of them — especially if they had a weak solar plexus chakra.

For many people, affirmations can actually be counterproductive. Watch this video to discover why.

And then watch this week’s video above to walk through the 4 easy steps of creating the best affirmation-type tool I know Transformational Power Questions or TPQs. And you can also watch this PLAYLIST of TPQs for each chakra if you want to open up your whole energy field.

Rather than engaging your powerful subconscious mind in a negative way, as affirmations often do, TPQs subtly invite your subconscious mind to respond positively. When this happens, big changes become fun and effortless.

Here’s How You Create a TPQ

  1. Pick the area that you want to create a positive change in.
  2. Create a simple affirmation.
  3. Put a “Why” in front of the affirmation to make it a question.
  4. Add progressive language like “every day,” “more and more,” etc.


That’s it!

Pretty easy, huh?

I used to be a huge technophobe with no confidence around all things digital or computer related (I once broke down crying in an Apple Store). TPQs allowed me to turn that around and while I wouldn’t call myself a computer geek just yet, I now run all the digital aspects of my online business and my youtube channel. In other words, I do a lot of tech stuff.

What do YOU want to shift?

I challenge you to create a powerful TPQ and use it for 30 days straight. And then share the shifts with our Chakra Booster Tribe. Come on — commit. Now. You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain!

Have a beautiful week, Beautiful Soul.



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