Gemini New Moon Invites You to Get More Conscious About Your Choices


bekah finch turner ~ Gemini New Moon, Saturday, June 4, 2016 at 8:01 pm Pacific

What is it about our sun sign that makes us feel special?

I have dabbled in astrology for many years. I know that the power of this practice comes from an awareness and relationship to so much more than what that one big star was doing at the moment of our birth. In fact, basing one’s astrological identity simply on the sun sign has always seemed so limiting- there are millions of Gemini sun’s on this plant, how could we all be having the same day/week/month/year, Mr. newspaper astrologer, huh??

And yet… there is something to it. I can pick out my fellow Gemini sun sisters and brothers from a mile away. I have also gotten pretty good at guessing other people’s signs simply from the work I have done. Is this yet another way we try to label, compartmentalize and understand the vastness of the universe and the complexity of each being? Sure, why not!?

This need and ability to balance out the infinite with the finite, the mystery with the mundane is one of Gemini’s greatest joys and challenges. The sun has already moved into this mutable air dance and now the moon will join in too. The sun expresses the outer purpose of each sign. The moon brings out the inner.

When the moon enters Gemini, we become aware of the duality within. The ways we try to control our freedom, the way we try to organize our thoughts. Gemini is fast — dare I say the swiftest of all twelve signs? Ruled by Mercury, she is like quick silver. She can make the mind race with opposing thoughts, she might over schedule, over socialize and overwhelm the earthier signs. She is a social butterfly, a spring hummingbird, eager to soak up everyone and everything she can.

This is the sign of the shift from spring to summer. This is the cycle common to travel, parties and shaking up our seemingly boring regular lives in the desire for something different. Gemini gets bored fast. When she is bored, she gets dangerous: she makes up stories, gossips, lives in fantasy. Unlike her air siblings, Aquarius, the higher mind, or Libra the aligned mind, Gemini is the mutable thought process. She can get us out of mental trouble or push us deeper into it. Libra carries scales, Gemini wields the twins.

There are two sides to the end of spring story. There is a riddle forming, a juggling act ready to be performed. It is between that which we truly need in our lives and all that we do not. It is between the sun and the moon, what we put out and what we take in.

Where is the imbalance in your life? Particularly in the field of the mind, communication, work and social? Where are you giving too much? Or perhaps taking too much? What are you holding on to that is just making your mind do gymnastics? When agitated and stretched too thin, Gemini becomes flaky, inconsistent, deranged.

To find balance before the summer solstice, look to the quality of your thoughts. What are you obsessing about? What are you bitter about? What do you keep day dreaming about?

Like watching a butterfly dance amongst the flowers, let the mind move and guide you. Write, practice deep breathing and observing. Meditate on the clouds in the sky. Let the pulsation of Gemini sun and moon support us in dissolving unneeded limitations and opening the gates to freedom and balance.

This is a beautiful time. A powerful time. There are a few celestial occurrences within this cycle that are quite potent. Change is in the air. The mind is a gift, our greatest technological advancement. Or it can be our dungeon that holds us back.

Above all else, Gemini loves choice. Choose to be where, with whom and doing what lets your mind dance between deep presence and open bliss. Just as astrology can be a tool for expanding our minds, so can it be a mode for closing it. Everything has two faces, not just Gemini. It is the nature of life on this planet. But we always get the choice to stand back, watch them both and decide which direction to fly. And you can always change your mind.

Soft winds and sweet thoughts to you all,


About Bekah Finch Turner

BekahFinchTurnerBekah Finch Turner is a regular contributor to chakraboosters.com, home of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™. She is a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com.

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  • Rene
    June 5, 2016

    I was born in June but see very few of Gemi characteristics in myself. I wish I knew the hour I was born to know MORE. Just the same I enjoyed. Your article

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