Chakra Boosters Tattoos – On Front Or Back?

A couple of people have emailed me with a very important question that I want to address today – should Chakra Boosters Temporary Tattoos be worn on the front or back of the body?

First, let me just say that hair can obviously be a problem in certain areas of either the front or back of the body – and if you don’t want to shave it off, you probably don’t want to put a tattoo there for the same reason band-aids are never fun to remove – hair and adhesives just don’t mix.

Simple, huh?   Still, I wanted to get that logistical point out of the way, before approaching the front-back tattoo placement issue from a place of deeper meaning.

The question about the placement of chakra tattoos is actually a very good one, because the energy fields of the front side and back side of the body are very different.  The front body represents the conscious part of us, the Individual (ego) Self and the future, while the back body represents the unconscious, the Universal (spirit) Self, and the past.

So, for instance, if I put the third chakra tattoo (confidence, decisive action) on the back body, I am going to heal old insecurities – perhaps ones that come from my childhood or a past life, while if I put it in the front, I will gain a boost to my confidence for things that are going on right now and in the near future.  For instance, I could lead or perform more confidently or more easily finish a task or project in front of me, without procrastinating or giving up.

The third chakra is the home of the ego self, so it is advisable to make sure that old confidence issues are healed (back body placement) before wearing the front on a regular basis.   If one is insecure from the past, but feels compelled to act confident and boisterous, it can come off as unreal, compensating or overbearing.

Of course, there is always the option of wearing the third chakra tattoo on both sides of the body – and I have personally done this quite a bit.  But wearer beware – the third chakra is the “caffeine” of the energy body (it deals with digestion and metabolism and carries the element of fire), so if you put third chakra tattoos on both the front and back of your solar plexus, and you don’t have a project in front of you to work on, you might feel a bit antsy or anxious, like a car spinning its wheels while stuck in the mud.

Now, let’s look at the heart chakra.  If you put it on the back body, you are going to heal old relationship wounds and grief.  While if you put it on the front body, you are going to radiate more love forward – expressing it and sharing it with those around you.  Again, it’s good to start on the back to heal yourself and fill your own cup first, so that when you share your love “forward,” it is from a place of overflow.

I think it’s simple enough to figure out the appropriate placement for the other chakra tattoos using the same principle – that the back body heals the past and the Universal or Spiritual Self while the front body moves one healthfully into the future and deals more with the Individual or Ego Self.

I think it’s interesting that the top three chakras that literally represent the spiritual (as one rises above the heart and starts to serve a higher purpose) present a particular challenge for front side usage.  The throat chakra tattoo (speaking one’s truth) is just biologically awkward to apply on the front, especially for men, due to the Adam’s apple.

Nevertheless, I did wear the throat chakra tattoo on the front once, when I was a guest on my friend, Martin Hulbaek’s radio show.  Interestingly, that show faired very well for moving me forward in my personal communication, because the Director of that show heard me that day and offered me my own show.

For most people, the sixth chakra tattoo can typically only be worn on the front side, due to hair being on the back side.  My recommendation for both the 6th and 7th chakras is to wear them anywhere you want, since we are about 70% water and our systems are circulating and bringing the energy wherever it is needed.

Still, my favorite way to wear the 6th chakra tattoo is this:  right before I go to bed, I peel the plastic cover off of it and place it face-down on the space above and between my eye brows.  Then, instead of wetting the paper of the tattoo, I simply leave the paper on as I sleep.  In the morning, I peel it off and put it in a zip-lock bag to wear again the next night.  It always lasts me 1-2 weeks before losing its stickiness, and I feel like I get clearer mentally and psychically — while I sleep!

As for the 7th chakra, my favorite place to put it is on the upper back, at the “high heart” – in the space between the 4th and 5th chakras.  It looks lovely there and brings peace and calm to the system.  Of course, if you are bald, I highly recommend wearing the 7th chakra tattoo right on your crown – at the top of your head.  You’ll make everybody wish they were bald :-).

20 thoughts on “Chakra Boosters Tattoos – On Front Or Back?”

  1. Ok I was wanting to get permanent Tattoos of each Chakra. So do I need to get them on both sides; front and back? Thank you, Sincerely, Sonia

  2. That’s up to you Sonia. It depends on what you want then to do. I find the healing/spiritual side (the back) is the most essential. Once we heal ourselves of the past, we can usually step forward on our own. Though I do like the 3rd chakra on the front :-). It’s all about action and stepping forward.

  3. Sonia, Sorry, I missed this question until today. I believe that size does matter. That’s why I created the tattoos the size that I did. After a fair amount of research, and taking my personal experience with people’s chakras into consideration, the nearly 3″ round seemed the best balanced size to encourage boosting or reducing a person’s chakra energy depending on their need. Good question! Thanks for asking. Blessings, Vicki

  4. hi vicki! i have worn all the chakra tatoos front & back (1 by 1 – not at the same time jaja – & 6th & 7th on arms) and i decided to get a permanent tatoo of the first chakra – do u recomend i put it front or back? saludos desde mexico! 🙂

  5. Hi Julieta,
    You’re going to have to go with your intuition on that one. Only your body knows best. I put my (real) root tattoo at the very base of my lower back, and I love it! Do your research before you choose your tattoo artist, and enjoy that powerful first chakra energy :-).

  6. I want to get all the chakra symbols tattood on my body, I want to know if I can put them anywhere, like my ribs.. Going down, or my calves. Arms?. Just anywhere, I seen a lot of people get them tatood in a row on their backs, should I do that?. Or do what I want… Help!.

  7. Tabitha, Since humans are 60-70% water, anywhere you put them will be energetically beneficial.I suggest buying a couple sets of our Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos and putting them in different spots and see what feels best for you — http://www.chakraboosters.com/store . I like them in the “traditional” spots, but you need to listen to your inner voice and put them where you are called to put them. Your intuition knows best. Hope this helps! Love and blessings, Vicki p.s. You can get B-O-G-O half off on a couple sets of tattoos when you use this coupon code: FriendDiscount

  8. Hey Vicki,
    As i am aries i can see my powerful chakra is solar plexus chakra. I really want to get my chakra tattoo on my back arm. Can i get it on my back arm?

  9. Hi Vikki,
    I am a huge fan! After utilizing your temporary tattoos for a bit. I switched to henna ones of just the symbols. i noticed that you have spoken about the need to have them close to 3″ a piece and I am going to switch to permanent so I would like to get it right. The cost of getting the tattoos each at 3″ or larger is considerably more than getting them at 2″. My curiosity led me to question if I would be better suited to get small on both sides. would that close my chakra? I saw in another article where you’d mentioned someone who had copied you but made them 2″ and youd said that the size could make the chakra situation worse. I want to be very intentional with my decision so I felt that the question was pertinent to ask.

  10. Hi Tiffany, You definitely need to follow your own intuition honey. I can only speak for what I would do. It’s a big deal to get a permanent tattoo. I presonally feel that in this day and age, we need more energy, not less. I would get at least a 3″ tattoo. xoxo, Vicki

  11. Absolutely, Sushmita. Follow your intuition! It’s your body and soul and your life is your biggest work of art. Blessings, Vicki

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