A Valentine’s Gift: 10 Quick Ways to Practice Self-Love

During Valentine’s, the traditional “couple’s holiday,” I feel it is particularly important to remember to honor your beloved Self.  Whether or not you are in a committed, intimate relationship doesn’t change the importance of the task of honoring your-Self.

After all, your primary intimate, love relationship mirrors your love relationship with yourself.  So it makes sense that your first investment in your relationship is always in you.

With that in mind, here are my V-Day suggestions for kick starting your love relationship with your-Self:

1)    Kiss yourself a dozen times right now – on your hand, on your knee (on your ankle if you are flexible enough :-D) — or anywhere else you feel inspired!

2)    Write yourself a love letter.  Make sure and tell yourself all the unique qualities you love about you.  Actually mail it to make it more “official” — you’ll have fun receiving it in your mailbox in a day or two.

3)    Treat yourself to a nice relaxing bath complete with candles and soothing music (guys, if you prefer, you can drive to the edge of a lake or ocean and sit in your car enjoying the view as you blast your favorite rock music as loud as you can and literally scream the lyrics — or get out of your car and dance).

4)    Write  yourself 10 little, positive affirmation notes (quickies like “You Rock!”) and hide them in places you will naturally find them in the near future – in your drawers, shelves, on the back of your milk carton, under your pillow, etc.

5)    Give yourself a reflexology massage.  Sit somewhere comfortable and massage your own magnificent foot (remember all of your body is represented in different parts of your foot – you’ll feel good all over).

6)    Look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you” over and over until you can feel the receiving part of you soften and really take it in.

7)    Turn up your stereo or iPod and sing your favorite love song loudly to yourself.  Don’t worry about how it sounds, just make it FEEL good.

8)    Write yourself a playful Love Poem – a haiku (5-7-5) or a “Roses are red, violets are blue…” is fine.  Just poouuuuuur that love out!

9)    Buy your favorite sensuous food and feed it to yourself, one juicy mouthful at a time – savoring every bite! (mangos, oysters, chocolate, strawberries or even mash potatoes if that is what turns you on)

10)  Wrap both your arms around yourself right now and give yourself a big, delicious, rockin’ hug (for at least a full minute!)

There, didn’t that feel good?  Now, you are ready for your partner!

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