Your Energy Forecast for June 2019


Dear One, I love the energy of this month! On June 3 at 3:01 am Pacific, we have a Gemini full moon, which means it’s a great time to set powerful intentions around the following themes:





In the video above, I give examples of a couple different types of intentions you may want to set around each theme.

Watch it and choose which one (or max two!) that feel(s) best for you.

Then check in with the Sagittarius full moon on June 17 at 1:31 am Pacific to see if at least the first phase of our intentions have come to fruition.

You can also check in with the Gemini full moon that takes place approximately 6 months from the Gemini new moon to see the progress or fruition of bigger intentions.

Keep in mind that this “3” numerological year is also inviting us to keep taking forward-moving action, even though we can’t really see what’s around the corner. There’s lots of mystery right now, so you’re just going to need to step out in faith.

Also, my guides are telling me to continue our recent themes of dropping the drama, setting healthy boundaries and being very loving and supportive to yourself.

Keep expanding, Beautiful Soul!

Love and blessings,

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  • Leslie
    June 8, 2019

    Discovered you tonight while tuning in to podcast My Seven Chakras episode 296 where you were the speaker on June 3 Embody Your 7 Chakras. I loved the words you were speaking here on you June forecast— so much resonated for me hearing your beautiful , meaningful words that are inspiring nevto stay on this path of self fulfillment & discovery that’s been covered in layers.
    I am thinking a personal conversation, with your direct insight would be so beneficial & encouraging.
    I see you have an offer available for first time client. What would be best way to connect ? I’ll go to your website & review the options again that you offer. Any insight from you would be appreciated and definitely would love to chat with you one in one if you’re available to do so.
    Thank you!!! 🌈

  • Vicki
    June 13, 2019

    Hi Leslie,
    Yes, My Quick Start Package is a great way to connect. It’s the only half-price deal on my site and it’s for new clients like you. Once you purchase it, you’ll get a link to set up an appt with me, your digital course will be delivered and your tattoos will be mailed out too. Here’s the link: http://chakraboosters.com/store#sessions Looking forward to connecting! xoxo, Vicki

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