Chakra Talk: Your Birth, Childhood and Intimacy


It’s time to answer viewer questions again, and this week, I’m doing it from Athens, Greece. I actually shot this video in THE Roman Agora. I’m not sure if I was supposed to, but nobody stopped me, so I guess it was okay… (ha ha)

In this episode, I answer questions about being over-protected in childhood, birth timing (premature or late) and how it affects your root chakra, as well as how to deal with intimacy issues.

So it’s basically a lower chakra episode.

One viewer, Andi Hauer, asks me about how his over-protective parents may have affected his root chakra and helped create a too- fearful perspective. I then share my childhood experience, which was the other side of the coin — being under-protected and having to fend for myself.

If you grew up in either of these situations, I think you’ll find my answer valuable.

Another viewer, Amardeep Singh asked me about whether his premature birth affected his root chakra (I think I thought it was a woman’s name in the video, my apologies).

What a great question! I kept thinking about it even a couple weeks after I made the video. Here’s my latest take…

Intuitively and logically, it makes sense that an early birth would affect the root chakra. When we’re born before we’re fully physically ready to emerge, we come into this world with more vulnerability and instability that could definitely affect our feelings of safety and security. When we lack the latter, we typically have a compromised root chakra.

In fact, some babies are born so early that their lives are literally at stake. The first part of life for them is an actual struggle for survival.

I seems that IF you were born early enough that you were physically fragile – especially if you had to stay in the hospital to gain strength —  then there’s a huge likelihood that your root chakra was greatly affected.

But IF you were born early but super healthy and strong and at a pretty average weight, then it wasn’t much of a factor.

I had the honor of being a surrogate mother and the girl I gave birth to was born one month early. She was ready and came out full size and weight (and I was doing yoga up to the days before).

This girl was “supposed” to be an Aquarius, year of the snake and ended up being a Capricorn, year of the dragon. So her early birth made her stronger in the root chakra, since Capricorn is more root oriented than Aquarius and the dragon has more root energy than a snake (which carries the more mutable sacral energy).

So as is the case with so many chakra questions, there are
relative answers depending on the specific situation. That’s why I’ve asked you
to weigh in if you had an unusual birth that was very early or very late (thanks
in advance for your sharing).

Keep in mind also that ENERGY ALWAYS PRECEDES MATTER. Our early or late birth may be more a result of hereditary (genetic) and past life root energy, than the cause of it.

The girl I gave birth too always felt super strong to me in the womb (stronger than both the boys I birthed), so it was not really surprising to me that she came out early to be a Capricorn dragon.

But even if energy is first, life experiences then add to that energy, so it becomes a circular process of energy-creates-experience-which-affects-energy-again-which-creates-another-experience, and around we go.

Finally, Luna Betul asked about how to heal from fear of intimacy issues (which seem quite prevalent these days) and I shared some sacral chakra advice.

Please watch this week’s video and share your thoughts, feelings or questions here or — for a quicker response — on my youtube channel and I’ll do my best to respond.

Create an incredible week, beautiful soul!

Love and blessings,

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  • Debora
    June 13, 2019

    Hi Vicki I just wanted to thank you for all your great info on the chakras You are such a bright light to the world Thank you for all you do Love and happiness always Debora

  • June 16, 2019

    My chakra is the heart chakra. I’m always drawn to green crystals.

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