Let’s Tap to Harmonize Opposing Chakra Energies

This week, after doing a sweet ceremony under the relational Libra Full Moon, I felt compelled to create an EFT video. The loving energy of the Venus Star Point inspired me to stop the long-standing battle between our chakras — especially the lower, most-embodied ones.

How Your “Neighboring” Chakras Conflict

Feel into these contradictions…

Your root chakra wants stability, simplicity and a plan, while your sacral chakra wants change, complexity and spontaneity!

Your solar plexus chakra wants to take control and be active, direct and independent. And your sacral chakra wants to surrender, be passive, emotional and responsive.

Your heart chakra wants to focus on acceptance, harmony and connecting with others. And your solar plexus chakra wants to point out the differences, make it’s own mark and be the lone wolf.

You get the point.

Your chakras are literally a vertical conflict zone moving through the center of your body. And that can create cacophonous dissidence — or integrated power.

EFT Harmonizes and Integrates Your Chakras

I want harmony and empowerment. That’s why I created the tapping video above (for me as much as you — ha ha).

It invites your masculine (contractive, externally-oriented) chakras and feminine (expansive, inwardly-oriented) chakras to be on the same team.

Do it now and experience more internal integration.

Have a beautiful week!

Love and blessings,

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