Open Your Crown Chakra with These TPQs (NOT Affirmations!)


Welcome to the final week of our series on Transformational Power Questions (TPQs). In this video, we’re going to open your crown chakra for more bliss, deep knowing, expansive trust, connection to the Divine as well as the part of us that never dies. 

Why Affirmations Can Be Bad for You

If you’ ve been following this series, you can skip this section… but if you’re brand new to TPQs, read on…

You may be wondering why I’m suggesting you do TPQs instead of affirmations. Here’s why. Often, affirmations create a backlash in your inner world. They activate your subconscious mind and the voice inside of you that objects to things that aren’t currently accurate.

So one affirmation like “I’m rich” can elicit several subconscious negative responses like “No you’re not” or “have you seen your bank account balance?” and so on. Overall, it’s more negative than positive, since one affirmation creates far more negative responses.

If you want to better understand why affirmations can be counter-productive, check out this blog post.

3 Steps to Create a Transformational Power Question (TPQ)

  1. Decide what you want to change and create a traditional affirmation. For example, if you want more money, you create the affirmation, “I’m wealthy.”
  2. Put a “why” in the front of it and make it a question. “Why am I so wealthy?”
  3. Make it progressive (increasing over time). “Why am I getting wealthier every day?”

To understand in more detail how to create TPQs, check out the first video in this series (on the root chakra) here.

Crown Chakra Transformational Power Questions

This week, I’m sharing 15 different TPQs that boost your crown chakra. Watch the video above and repeat after me to improve five key crown chakra areas of your life. These are: bliss, deep knowing, trust of Life, connection to the Divine and awareness of our immortal essence.

As we go through the TPQs, please pick your favorite. Put it on several sticky notes around your personal space and read it often. You may begin to hear and see your powerful subconscious mind working for you, rather than against you. Keep repeating the your TPQ until you see positive shift in that area of your life (and you will!). 

Have a deliciously Divine week Beautiful Soul!

Much love and many blessings,


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