Why You Need To Know Your MOON SIGN NOW


It’s pretty typical in our western culture that somewhere in the first few weeks of meeting someone they might ask you, “What’s your sign?”

If you’re even a wee bit astrologically inclined, that one little piece of information can provide a whole lot of information – including but not limited to the person’s understanding of how they have related to people of that particular astrological sign in the past. But it’s only a small snippet of the picture.

I’m no astrological expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I do love astrology. And as far as I can tell, ALL self-understanding tools like astrology, numerology, birth order and more, seem to have at least a grain of truth, and very often, a whole lot more.

The problem, though, with asking someone their “sign” is that they give you their sun sign. Yes, the sun sign is important, but nowadays, it may not even be the most important thing to know. Here’s why.

The sun sign relates to the sun, and our masculine identity. And that particular identity has been our predominant one for approximately 5000 years now. But quite recently, the tides have shifted, and feminine energy is growing on the planet.

Our feminine essence is becoming more important than our masculine essence, the way an inhale becomes the most important thing to do after a long exhale (it’s not better, it’s just complementary and needed).

Our feminine essence and emotional being is represented not by our sun sign, but by our moon sign. And the cool thing about the moon is that it goes through cycles, and these cycles help us on our path of self-unfolding. They let us know when to plant our intentions and when to harvest them.

So, what I’m saying is this: KNOW YOUR MOON SIGN & USE IT.

moon signsFirst, find out what your moon sign is. Here’s a great place to do it quickly and for free right now:


Then, observe the cycles of the moon and which astrological phase the moon is in. Here’s a good calendar for that:


Become aware of when YOUR moon is new and when it is full. On your particular new moon, take stock of where you are and set your most heartfelt intentions for transformation, and on the full moon of your sign (six months later), look to see what has transpired. Then, celebrate and /or recalibrate.

On the next new moon, six months later, you can set another intention or simply re-commit to the same one.

I believe you’ll find this to be an incredibly fruitful way to approach the cycles of your own transformation.

You can also consult with me to learn more about your Chakra Life Cycles and which one you are currently in. This information coupled with your numerological destiny number can provide amazing insight into how you might approach your own transformational intentions in light of the natural cycles of your life.

If you’re a surfer, you want to surf when the waves are the best, right? By knowing your moon sign and these simple cycles, you can “surf” the waves of your transformation in a powerful way and make the most of any planetary and evolutionary opportunities. And that’s when the game of transformation gets really fun!

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