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In the fall of 2018, Spirit gave me an instantaneously “download” that showed me the elegant structure of our human, energetic evolution.

Since then, I’ve “testing” out the system with life coach clients and friends, as well as with myself, and it has been so much fun, and so eye opening.

There really is a structure to our lives!!

Since 2012, I’ve been patiently crafting a book to share the Chakra Life Cycle System with you, and it’s finally finished. Here is an excerpt (enjoy!):

The CLCS is predictive in nature, just as the stages of biological development are. Most of us deal with our physical development pretty well, because we know what to expect. Young girls, for instance, typically know that when they hit puberty, their breasts will grow and they’ll experience menses. This is good, because when their period comes, it doesn’t seem random and scary. In this way, puberty is less frightening and more empowering.

As a culture, it’s time for us to become aware of our energetic cycles as well. As we get clear on what to expect energetically, we can better navigate the different stages of our “spiritual” development, and make the most of each stage. 

Also, if we know what energies are affecting our loved ones, we can learn to take their choices and actions less personally and be more genuinely supportive of where they are on their path.

One of my clients, Carol, was beside herself when her typically easy-going teenager, Lori, turned 15 and became a different person. No matter what Carol said, Lori took the contrary opinion, and this made my client feel totally disrespected.

Using the CLCS, I was able to get Carol to understand that Lori’s actions that seemed disrespectful were actually a sign of deep respect. I know, it seems strange, but it’s true. When a teenager transitions from the easy-going 2nd Chakra Life Cycle into the fiery, self-centered, independence of the 3rd CLC that begins at 15, they become opinionated, argumentative and sometimes, even downright bratty.

At this time, they are navigating the new fire energy in their system, and are trying to figure out how to forge their own unique identity and perspective. They become suspect of all the authority figures in their life — especially those they respect the most — because only the opinions of people they respected could threaten their own viewpoint.

In Carol’s case, Lori felt she had to go against the grain of everything her mother said because otherwise, her respect for her mother would cause her to default Carol’s perspective. Lori knew she had to figure it out for herself. This is why she automatically took a contrary position to her mother’s on practically every topic.

Sound familiar? If you’ve raised a teenager, you’ve probably experienced this in some form yourself. What’s cool about the CLCS, is it gives parents perspective. There’s no need to take a 15-year-old’s sassy attitude personally. It’s not only normal, but healthy. It’s a stage that every child must go through in order to find out who they are and what they believe in, and also to build their own independence and leadership.

The CLCS didn’t just help Carol with her daughter, but with her own mid-life transition too. At age 50, she found herself separated from her husband of 28 years and thought it was evidence that she was a crappy wife, or at the very least, bad at relationships.

I quickly showed her that neither was true.

While it never hurts any of us to try and improve the way we parent, or the way we interact in our relationships, it’s never beneficial to blame ourselves when things seem to be going wrong.

Instead, we first need to understand that things can sometimes look like they are going wrong when they are actually going very “right.” We need to be aware that there is a season for everything. A tree that is resplendent in the summer doesn’t blame itself for losing all its leaves and being bare in the winter. 

We humans have cycles too, and some of them are about endings and loss, while others are about new directions and fresh beginnings. Fall and winter come before spring, because often, something old must die before something new can be born. The key: accept the cyclical quality of nature and our own natural cycles, so we can be more compassionate with ourselves and others as we navigate the inevitable ups and downs of life.

Knowing about the CLCS helped Carol accept both her daughter’s transition into independence and her own mid-life transition into more self-love and personal truth. Her marriage was not fulfilling to her or her husband, and its dissolution set the stage for new relationship possibilities for both of them in the second half of life.

Understanding your CLCs can change your preparedness and acceptance of everything that happens in your life, and I can’t think of anything more valuable and helpful than that. Basically, we have only two ways we can make our lives better at any given time. The first is to change what happens, and the second is to change our attitude about what happens by taking a more positive and informed perspective. Your ability to do both of these is greatly facilitated by the Chakra Life Cycle System. In short, this system helps you to create a happier, more aware life.

As you read this book, you’re going to come to understand the “why” behind many well-known phrases like the “terrible twos,” the “7-year itch,” “mid-life crisis” and more. If you’ve seen a pattern in human behavior that you’ve wanted to understand, odds are the CLCS is going to help you comprehend it and navigate it.

Thanks for allowing me to share this amazing system with you!

If you want to go deeper into studying the Chakra Life Cycles with me (it’s life-changing stuff!), check out my programs for Your Roadmap to Life Mastery: Discover the 7-Year Cycles That Shape Your Life HERE.


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