Balance Your Crown Chakra with This Powerful, Simple Technique


It’s easy to forget that we are not this body. Yes, we inhabit a body, and it is an expression of our energy, but behind it all, we are consciousness; we are spirit. We come from divinity, and our essence is just that – purely divine.

My video this week is about balancing our crown chakra (7th chakra) and remembering our true essence by using simple Transformational Power Questions. This is the last video in a 7-chakra series, so if you’ve missed any of the previous ones, you can check them out here:

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Most of the chakras are about many different qualities. Not so for the seventh. It is about one thing and one thing only: your connection to the divine. You are a slice of god. This means you are all-knowing, all-blissful and connected to everything.

The seventh chakra is named “sahasrara” in Sanskrit, which means “thousand fold” and is referring to the unending lotus petals within you that can blossom in any moment.

So, the TPQs for this chakra are short and simple and they all lead to the same thing – our remembrance of our divine connection to all.

Here they are:

  • Why am I so aware that I am spirit? Why am I more and more aware that I am spirit?
  • Why am I so connected to everything?
  • Why am I so connected to God?
  • Why am I pure divinity?
  • Why do I feel more connected to source every day?

That’s our final set of TPQs. Hopefully, you’ve made the whole journal with me and have experienced some shifts each week. My suggestion for you now is to focus on one chakra that you feel is weak and do the TPQs for that one only, until they become an accepted part of your inner dialogue.

If you’re not clear which of your chakras or strong and which are weak, I have a favorite test online that I find to be particularly accurate if you answer all the questions quickly and honestly. It’s actually the only written test I’ve found that I trust, and I use it with my clients. You can take it here.

Keep expanding into your full energy potential, beautiful one.

Love and blessings,


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