Open Your 3rd Eye For More Imagination & Intuitive Abilities


Do you want to expand your feminine wisdom and knowing? Then watch this short video and learn a few, simple Transformation Power Questions (TPQs) you can ask yourself to open up your 3rd-eye (aka your 6th chakra).

This is the 6th video in a 7-part chakra series where we cover easy TPQs you can use to balance and heal each chakra. If you’ve missed the other video articles, you can access them here:

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Your 6th chakra (aka your “ajna chakra”) is in the center of your brow. It’s a feminine chakra that is related to your intuition, psychic abilities and imagination. Its element is light and its color is indigo (purply-blue).

Here are some TPQs that boost your 6th chakra:

1) Why is my intuition so strong? Why am I getting more intuitive all the time? Why do I listen to and follow my intuition more and more?
2) Why am I so connected to my higher self? Why am I increasingly connected to my higher self?
3) Why am I so psychic? Why are my psychic abilities improving so much?
4) Why am I so imaginative? Why am I becoming continually more imaginative?
5) Why am I such a visionary? Why am I becoming better and better at envisioning?

Practice these on a daily basis if you want more feminine wisdom and vision and then picture what you want to create.

Happy visioning! Love and blessings,


p.s. You can wear my 3rd Eye Healing Tattoo when you sleep and have more lucid dreams (and remember them better).

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