Pisces New Moon + Solar Eclipse + Spring Equinox Invites You To Surrender


Bekah Finch Turner New MoonNew Moon in Pisces 2:36am PDT 3/20
(Moon in Aries 3:28am) 3/20
Total Solar Eclipse 2:46am PDT 3/20

When I look at a celestial line-up like the one carrying in Spring this Friday, my initial response is awe, followed by the age-old reaction of overwhelm and fear. What does it mean when so much energy is focused so intensely? We humans are so small compared to the moon, sun, planets and elements. If the ocean is subject to the proximity of the moon, and the electromagnetic field falters under the waves of the sun, how are we tiny beings effected?

The truth is, we are immensely, deeply and completely effected. But we have gotten so disconnected, so into our own agenda and will, that we forget. Rather than opening our awareness to include the universe and the collective consciousness, an experience that brings acceptance and balance, we feel isolated and resist the natural rhythm. We fight against the tide. And oftentimes, we suffer and lose, thanks to our short-sighted resistance.

This individual battle of will is very much part of Aries, who is the cardinal flame of the vernal equinox, the fire that activates and awakens spring on our side of the world. Aries is the first and youngest sign in the zodiac and the mighty ram charges into the new season, forcing her voice to be heard and will to be done.

Interestingly enough, as intense as this Friday is, and though both the sun and moon do enter the realm of Aries on March 20th, at the moment of new moon and solar eclipse, Pisces is still the center of intention. Things would be really different if it were Aries already in spotlight. That desire for “me” and “my” would be heightened and highlighted. But it is Pisces who asks for our awareness, and Pisces, the dissolving waters of winter, has to do with fluidity and going with the flow.

Pisces is the oldest and final sign of the zodiac, and she has seen it all, and contains a little bit of everything. She is the wisdom that comes through in dreams and in the tides of the sea, the whispers of the rain. Pisces is a healer and a mystic. She cares little for things like time and personal agenda, having watched the wheel turn and the cycle change over and over again. Pisces is the grandmother to the little Aries child, delighting in his discovery but knowing this too shall pass.

A total solar eclipse speaks to great changes and potent new beginnings. The spring equinox is a moment of alignment between dark and light before light regains momentum, thrusting us into longer days and warming nights. New moons mark the opening of the monthly cycle and are always the best time for new intentions. All of these events occurring together, especially after some of the current planetary alignments that have been happening recently, is big. It is such an incredible opportunity to really start fresh, to truly change our direction, focus and destiny. And Pisces is at the center. Aries comes in quickly and spring is her season, and the support is available to get into action and fire up our individual strengths and dreams, but only after Pisces pours her blessings onto the world through the shadow of the sun and the light of the newest moon.

Go with the flow this week. Relax into your body and the changing earth. Let go of resistance and the need to control, fix and make change. There are powers above and below that are so much bigger than we are, especially right now, and if we just open our hearts and minds to their voices, the way will become clear. There are too many of us on this planet to only do what we want to do. We must start behaving like one family, one precious organism. That does not mean we lose our unique purpose and power, quite the opposite. If we can get back to our roots, back to the current of the ancient sea of life, if we can flow together, it will become easier to know our soul’s journey. Just as each drop of blood knows where to go and what to do in our body, we, too, carry a message and vision that is truly ours alone. If only we can remember that we are also all one.

This, for me, is Pisces siren song in the week ahead. Acceptance, awareness, trust and openness. Releasing resistance, dropping the mantra of “me, me, me.” Go with the flow, where ever it may lead and understand, on the deepest level, that when we surrender to the current, we are carried; when we let go into something greater, we float.

Many prayers and blessings for all beings in this sacred spring before us,


BekahFinchTurnerBekah Finch Turner is also a regular contributor to chakraboosters.com, home of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™. She is a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com.

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