Let Go Of Self-Sabotage & Spring Forward


Spring has sprung and I am once again feeling the positive anticipation that comes with increasing warmth and light.  Every year, as this hopeful season comes around, I can feel my body literally lining up with nature, and seeking out sun, growth, romance (mating season!) and all things fertile and expansive.

So, it’s safe to say I take Spring Equinox pretty seriously.  It seems like the perfect time to set my yearlong intentions, because in the warm light of the new dawn, I feel hopeful, and anything seems possible.

But then, sometimes…. I find that soon after I set new, positive intentions, my actual behavior is not exactly lining up with them.  If I listen closely, I can almost “hear” another voice – or voices – contradicting my conscious intentions in insidious, sneaky little ways.

To better elucidate this process, let me indulge in a little metaphor… there is an exit ramp near a yoga studio I work at that recently got a new traffic light.  Before the light was installed, the end of the exit ramp simply had the word “stop” painted on the ground, forcing the commuter to stop, look, and then take the necessary turn.

The other day, I was coming to the end of this exit ramp and I could see that the new traffic light was lit up with shiny bright greenness, but my foot inexplicably pushed done on the brake and I slowed to a near stop before I realized why — nobody had painted over the old, partially-faded “stop” on the ground, so I was understandably paralyzed with indecision – the green light was beckoning on, but the word on the ground was clearly telling me to “stop!”.

Our old habit patterns and subconscious beliefs are like this.  They block us even when our best intentions — and the Universe itself — give us a big, beautiful green light to sail through.  We keep putting our foot on the brake, because there is an old “stop” sign within us that is contradicting our new intentions.

The opposite can be true as well:  the Universe can be inviting us to say “no” to something – like an abusive relationship or foods that harm our beautiful body – but we may keep on doing these harmful things, because our subconscious is giving us the continually green light toward self-abuse.

So how do you know when this self-sabotage process is happening?  It’s very simple.  If you have set conscious intentions in a very clear way, just look and see if your behavior is following your intentions.  If it isn’t, re-dedicate yourself to your positive, conscious intentions, and use one of these great techniques for getting at the ‘”stuff” underneath:

  1. Do Shadow Work – There are two very simple processes to do shadow work and two great websites to walk you through the process:  www.thework.com and www.debbieford.com.
  2. Find a good hypnotherapist or visualization CDs to listen to.  This is a simple, elegant way to reprogram the subconscious mind – and you get to relax through it.  Ask your friends if they know someone good in your area.  I know a good one here – and a Master one in Nashville (who can work with you on Skype).
  3. Many people use direct, physical body techniques like Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) or Tapping.  I honestly don’t know a whole lot about either one of these techniques – and haven’t used them myself – but want to include them here, because I have heard that they have helped many people.  You can definitely find resources online by doing a general search.
  4. Do Ho ‘Oponopono on YOURSELF.  This amazing Hawaiian healing technique is very effective when directed toward others, so why not aim it at your own lovely Self!  Self-love is a cure all for defeating thoughts and feelings that lead to defeating behaviors.  To practice Ho ‘Oponopono on yourself, hold a loving image of yourself as you say this TO yourself: I’M SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU
  5. Wear Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos – They work with your body’s intelligence, whether or not your conscious mind is involved.  And you can wear them consistently until you begin to shift old patterns for good!  But of course, you have to beware of your tendency to not reapply them (which would be a form of the negative shadow leading your behavior).

It’s easy to work with the conscious, but the subconscious is where so many of our real “decisions” are (unfortunately) made.  So this Spring Equinox, I invite you to do a little shadow dancing and bring your “darkness” out into the light.  When darkness and light meet, light always wins – just turn on a lamp in a darkened room and see what I mean!

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