Winter Solstice & Capricorn New Moon Are Perfect Time To Plant Your Seeds


bekah finch turnerCapricorn New Moon ~ Sunday, January 21, 2014 @ 5:36 pm PST

As I muse on the upcoming cycle, I can’t help but feel the power of 2014 and the gift of the darkness. Winter Solstice (12/21) is considered in many traditions to be the beginning of winter, and for some climates, the cold weather is only just starting; however, solstice actually marks the day that the sun begins to return to our hemisphere. Which means that the days and weeks leading up to solstice, where we are right now, are actually the longest nights. Interestingly enough, we are in the waning phase of the moon, with the new moon in Capricorn also occurring on 12/21.

This is an auspicious alignment. On this day, both the sun and moon turn their faces from us, allowing us to bask in the mystery and unknown of night. Then, together, they are re-newed, re-born, granting us new life, light, intentions and possibilities. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, from all directions and realms, we are being invited to honor the dark and from that reverence, begin to celebrate the light.

The thought that has been teasing my heart as I meditate on this dance of light/dark and the potential of the Capricornian cycle is the power of the seed. We talk a lot about “planting seeds,” and in our era, one where many people have never had to actually deal with a physical seed, unless they wanted to, it is often a metaphorical saying. One we offer when creating an idea, hatching a plan. But for our ancestors, and indeed for our future generations, the seed holds the potential for all of life, the past, present and future in one tiny circle.

In nature, all plants and trees have seeds. They bloom and blossom and die, dropping the seeds into the earth. Did you know that the casing of a seed is not the actual seed? Within the casing is a seedling, but it is protected by the outer layer that also has built in nourishment to feed the seed until it is strong enough to feed itself. I did not know that!

We really all come from seeds, a mother’s pregnant womb being just as protective as that of an acorn or flower. Once the seeds from plants drop back into the earth, they gestate in the dark, needing just enough warmth, darkness and moisture from snow and rain to gain the strength to break out of the seed, planting roots and in the spring, reaching for the sun. This seed cycle feels exactly like the wheel of the year and I am excited to explore it in the season to come. But for now, as Capricorn emerges, I feel it as the sacredness of the little seed.

Capricorn, Saturn ruled, Cardinal earth, is like that seed. It is strong, ancient, resilient, and resourceful and contains the power necessary to manifest life. Have you ever been amazed at a plant’s ability to grow in the middle of concrete or a desert? This upward appearance, pushing to light, is Aries spring energy, but that blossom came from a seed; seed that was planted and persevered through the challenges to make it to the next phase. This is the time for planting our seeds, whether literal or metaphorical. We must stop taking the seed for granted, also literal or metaphorical.

As more people become involved in the fight against GMO’s, the battle for natural, renewable energy, true equality and justice, we are standing up for the seed, and the right for each person to plant their own destiny and harvest their dreams. The act of placing a seed in the earth and nurturing it is one of true power and potential. That seed can become the plant that feeds you and your family, and is equally important as a squash, apple or a book you are trying to write. Capricorn is an initiator and the survival of a seed through the winter is quite the initiation.

In this time of cold and dark, turn your thoughts to the seed. Some seeds are said to last hundreds and thousands of years intact, just waiting for the moment when they are added to the earth to gestate. And yes, the chance of success for your seed is heightened by intention and commitment, but sometimes, these things have a way of growing regardless of our actions. They are the conduit of light and dark, life and death. Just as we are. The Capricorn new moon is the best time to set intentions for the New Year and winter solstice heightens this potential. In the darkness, the seed is planted. In the womb of earth or mind or woman, it gestates. And from the return of the light, it grows. But first, it has to live in the dark.

What seeds are you ready to take responsibility for? What seeds are you ready to fight for? What seeds are you ready to love and nurture? This is the time to meditate on the power of the seed and by the light of the new moon and returning sun, to offer them to the ground. May all our seeds be blessed and full of peace, abundance, joy and magic for all beings.

Om Shanti,


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