Virgo New Moon ~ Heal & Be Healed


bekah finch turner New Moon in Virgo ~ Monday, August 25, 2014 @ 7:13 am

What do the words “healer”, “healing” and “healed” mean to you?

As the sun wanes towards autumn and the moon wanes again towards new, I hope you find yourself in a place of clarity. Ideally, the Leo cycle has re-activated the soul’s purpose through the fiery practices of passion, play, creativity and self-care, and the Aquarius full super moon has re-membered soul with the higher consciousness, the global mind capable of unity, sustainability and transformation. If we have gone with the universal flow, we are feeling a little stronger now than we have previously in this wild ride of a year and most of us are wondering what to do with our new awareness, energy and intent. What do we do with the soul-fire shining bright like the last days of summer sun, and a mind that feels open and awake? In order to sustain this power through the darker months ahead, we must find a way to ground and manifest the mind/spirit and the only vehicle capable of being such a channel is the body.

Our body is our greatest teacher and our most precious gift while in human form. Our relationship to our body often mirrors our relationship to others and to the world as a whole. It is no surprise that during this time of global destruction and upheaval that more people are suffering from illnesses in every realm, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Many teachers claim that the best gift we can give to a suffering world is our own healing. If we can heal ourselves, we can heal the world. I have also heard it said that “hurt people, hurt people.” If that is true, then by the same philosophy, “healed people, heal people.”

Virgo is the sun sign that follows Leo. Virgo is a mutable energy, one that dissolves/destroys the old form and cycle; and yet, she is an earth sign, which holds the task of manifestation in the physical world. For as long as I have worked with astrology and the cycles, I have pondered the Virgin paradox. What does it mean to be mutable earth? I have found the answer to be in the duality, the mystery. Just as the traditional meaning of the word virgin is “one who belongs to herself,” the power of Virgo is to be a conduit for healing between the veils of spirit, mind and body. I return to my opening question…

As the sun and moon shift into Virgo, what does it mean to heal, be healed and be a healer?

How can you align your spiritual Leo fire and your high Aquarius mind into your sacred Virgo body? Often we are confused by the idea of healing, or feel it is something only a special person can do, someone outside of us. We think that healing is impossible, or can only happen if you live in a very controlled, spiritual way. The shadow of Virgo is the critic and the perfectionist and it is that mask that we see so often in our culture, blocking us from the true experience of healing which we can offer to ourselves and the world. My intention for the next month is to open to healing, in whatever way she manifests herself. Forget about perfect ideals, continue to be inspired by your soul fire and the high mind. Some of the basic tools for healing are to listen to that inner wisdom and intuition. Is there a modality you are called to? Yoga? Massage? Chiropractic? Homeopathy? Reiki? Shamanism? Therapy? This is the cycle to try out a session or class. Where do you know you could support healing in your life? Diet? Work? Relationship? Ask for help, do some research, make a change.

Virgo is earth so get into nature. What landscape soothes your soul and opens your mind? Spend time at the beach, in the trees or desert. Service is another path to healing, so maybe take an extra trash bag to the beach or mountains, or volunteer for a group that inspires you. There is no wrong way to heal. That idea is the shadow of Virgo. If your actions are motivated by spirit and mind in harmony, you will find yourself exactly where you are supposed to be. For me, being healed does not mean there are no more challenges or pain. The Dalai Lama beautifully says, “pain is mandatory, suffering is optional.” I know a great number of healers/healed beings who still experience pain. Yet, they are mostly happy, at peace and purposeful. Our pain is often how we find our purpose and awaken our healing power. There are few things more profound than the wounded healer as the wound is what teaches empathy, compassion and unconditional love.

It is really tough being a human right now. There is so much conflict, controversy and conspiracy. Not to mention the pain, violence, fear and injustice. Hurt people hurt people and we are all hurting. But there is help. There is healing. It exists within us all, in the place where spirit and mind come together, in this temple of flesh, bone, muscle and magic. Healed people heal people. Open yourself to the healing of earth and Virgo, trust your body to guide you. Don’t attach yourself to any outside idea, follow your soul. The Virgin is whole unto herself and every one of us contains this energy. You have the power, the strength, the grace and the gift to heal yourself, to help others and heal the world.

I pray that Virgo awakens the healer in us all. I pray that we may align body, mind and spirit to activate the energy needed to bring peace, health, happiness, love and equanimity to all beings and the world.



Bekah Finch Turner a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com  To get 25% off Heart Chakra Healing Tattoos or heart Healing Music, enter coupon code: FriendDiscount.

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