Activate Your Dreams with the Pisces Super Moon


bekah finch turnerPisces Super Moon, Monday September 8th @ 6:39 pm PDT ~ The full moon phase symbolizes the climax of the current lunar cycle. It’s like the ovulation of the moon goddess. She is juicy, full, fertile and ripe. Therefore, this phase heightens us, body and soul, allowing the tides of creativity and transformation to rise, opening to bliss and magic.

That is, if it is harnessed consciously. Many humans don’t pay attention to the moon or their intuition. Rather than allowing the flow of energy the full moon brings, they experience it as fear, anger, the dark side of emotions. As the pulse quickens and blood rushes, they must act and in reckless passion which is often regretted. This is where lunacy comes from.

Pisces, being a mutable water sign, the ancient dreamer and mystic, brings up the collective wounds accumulated throughout the year, as she is the end of the signs, the last dissolution back into mystery before Aries is born and the dance begins anew.

Pisces has seen and done it all. She has no attachments or expectations. Time has no effect on her. She knows it is all one; that the independent Aries flame, sensual Taurus roots, dual Gemini mind, nurturing Cancerian wave, shining Leo sun, healing Virgo, harmonizing Libra, deep transforming Scorpio, gregarious gypsy Sagittarius, mountain Capricorn and electric Aquarius are all simply masks worn by the divine as she plays at light and dark, death and life, male and female, inhale and exhale.

In Pisces is the potential for delusion and nightmare, or authentic awakening and powerful dreaming of the world we want to live in.

And as I have started dreaming with this intent, I have felt that this full moon is not just the climax of the purifying Virgo cycle, but it is the beginning of the climax of the year, even multiple years, perhaps an era.

This is the third of three super moons that activates the autumn eclipse cycle. Between now and the total lunar eclipse of the Aries full moon on 10/8, we have the chance to dream deeply and awaken profoundly.

During this month of climax, we open with Pisces invitation and then ride her cleansing tears through the waning moon, the equinox and Libra new moon, where the Goddess appears as justice, seeking balance. There is the ancient nine day Goddess celebration, Navaratri, which concludes as Mercury goes retrograde, days before the Aries eclipse.

We can explore this more as the power expands, as Pisces is most accessible in the present, but I wanted to share the palpability of the month ahead and ask each of you to commit to being very aware, very willing and very open to how this spirit moves through you and your life.

Prayer, meditation, ritual, dreaming, hypnotherapy, trance, journey, dancing are all important tools for Pisces. Try to tune in every day, offer mantra, blessings. Be willing to let go, surrender, dissolve ego, illusions, attachments into this spaciousness. Honor the Goddess as she appears and ask for her will.

We are standing at a mighty precipice, a chasm of change. It is scary when we hold on to our individual fears and desires, but magnificent and humbling when approached from the Pisces heart, that contains all forms and worlds, that holds us all in her embrace.

Dream with intent. Honor the waters and the emotion. Don’t get lost in her haze, use it as a way to open the inner eye, activate spirit, the one that sees all as it is, the Goddess that is everything and everywhere. She waits for you to see and welcome her in this time of change.

I pray for her grace and guidance, for her dreams to awaken our world to love. Thy Will Be Done.



Bekah Finch Turner a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com  You can align with the Pisces energy by wearing a 6th or 7th Chaka Boosters Healing Tattoo. To get 25% off Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos, use coupon code: FriendDiscount

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