Thursday’s Libra New Moon Invites Deep Reflection



bekah finch turner moon astrologyLibra New Moon ~ Thursday, October 4, 2013 ~ 4:34 pm PST

It was during this cycle last year that my whole life changed. And not just my life, a number of my friends have also expressed that it was this time, the gateway between equinox and solstice, that they experienced profound changes, many devastating and life altering.

For me, it was as though I started the cycle (quite sacred last year as Venus, the Goddess, ruled both the new moon and full moon) feeling clear, inspired and knowing exactly where the next year was heading. But somewhere along the way that month, I unexpectedly got pregnant, ended up in the hospital and ultimately on the bedrest that lasted until after Imbolc.

And yet, as I now reflect from this point, on a beautiful Sunday in our sweet little home, my husband, step son and baby chattering in the background, I can find a sense of harmony, gratitude and trust that the Goddess indeed knows what she is doing when she comes into our lives.

See, I thought I knew what the Goddess or the powers that be wanted from me. I started last year’s harvest ready to work, teach, travel, network and share the practices so holy in my life. It was terrifying to be pregnant, something I had never thought much about, and not just to be pregnant, but to be in a high risk pregnancy with no guaranteed outcome.

My entire life screeched to a halt and all I could do was take it one day at a time. Rather than all the active work I had planned, all the rituals, circles and ceremonies I perform, I had to experience spirit in the most passive way, in complete surrender. Last year was scary, challenging, confronting, confusing and like nothing I have ever experienced. But as I write this, it was also profoundly transformative, magical, courageous and filled with blessings like I could never have dreamed.

This is the gift of the Goddess in Libra. Libra, mutable air, sign of the scales, ruler of the autumnal equinox, is charged with bringing harmony and balance. In between the extreme seasons of summer and winter, she offers compromise and one more chance to balance our stores and our perceptions, before the year ends.

Air is a mental energy and no task is more suited to cardinal air than that of reflection. Taking the time to look at the past year without criticism or judgement, to see it for the transformation it was and the potential for growth it created.

Libra asks us to look at the present moment, as well as the past, with grace and gratitude. To see if we can really rest in our center as the year wanes, letting go of what no longer serves and turning our intent for the seasons ahead to what the Goddess is asking of us, right here and now, rather than what we think she wants.

Reflection or  “svadhyaya” in Sanskrit, requires an honest look in the mirror of our lives, whether that mirror is a teacher, journal, circle, ceremony or other.

There is no blame or regret in authentic reflection, instead, Libra seeks acceptance and serenity. That brings to mind this old prayer:

“God/dess, Grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

Courage to change the things I can

and wisdom to know the difference.”

I cannot think of a better meditation to open this new moon and welcome the Libra cycle. I have no idea what tasks the Goddess of harvest has for me, or any of us to reap this year.

After all, another eclipse cycle opens at this full moon; but it is my hope that we can all rise to the challenge, like the wheat from the chaff and reflect on all that is with harmony and love.

Our gathering this month will be hosted by sweet Mary Ann. She is creating a sacred and magical space for us to look at the areas of our lives affected in this past year, and then through group or private work, art, writing or movement, release the old and set intent.

Many blessings,

Bekah Finch Turner is a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com

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  • Vicki
    October 13, 2013

    And thanks for commenting Angela. Yeah for balance! Good for you. Big blessings, Vicki 🙂

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