Boost Your Fifth Chakra With Blueberry Lemonade


This week, we celebrate the fifth chakra located at the throat.  It’s the first of the “upper chakras” – the three that are related to our spiritual self — and it’s all about voice, expansive self-expression, purpose and truth.

The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Visuddha which means “purity,” so you may want to think of the throat chakra as a sort of energy filter in your body. The neck, which is much narrower than the chest, symbolizes the way in which we refine the energy of the lower chakras after moving them through the heart. Only the most refined energies move through the smaller passageway of the throat and continue rising through the upper chakras.

This means, eating lighter, and emphasizing quality over quantity becomes very important at the fifth chakra, and is the rule of thumb for all the upper chakras – especially the seventh, for which cleansing and fasting is actually best.

Now, usually we tell you that an easy guide to boosting a chakra with diet is to “eat foods that are the color of the chakra.” But this rule doesn’t apply so well to the throat chakra, since there are very few foods that are naturally blue, and those that aren’t natural – like aqua-colored Gatorade and turquoise marshallow peeps – aren’t really fit for human consumption.

So what do you want to look for in a fifth chakra food?  Start with the few naturally blue foods you can find, and then emphasize juices, soups and sauces. The fifth chakra likes liquid the way the watery second chakra does, because these two chakras are deeply related. Our initial creativity comes from the second chakra, and if we stay true to that creativity and take action on it (3rd) and share it with all our heart (4th) it takes on a higher purpose (5th).

You also need the fiery power of your third chakra to help you speak your truth and pursue your purpose, so all third chakra foods – especially spices – are great for kick-starting the throat chakra.  Check out our suggestions for the foods that boost the third chakra.

The fifth chakra also affects and is regulated by the thyroid gland, so foods – like sea plants — that have iodine and minerals boost the fifth chakra, as do foods that sooth the throat.

To sum it all up, here’s a comprehensive list of our food suggestions for the fifth chakra:

Blue Foods: blueberries, red cabbage and purple potatoes (both blue when cooked), blue corn flour, and these lovely edible flowers: butterfly blue pea flowers and cornflowers

Sea plants (good for thyroid): wakame, dulse, nori, arame, hijiki, kombu, arami and sea lettuce

All fruits

Throat Soothers: Ginger, chamomile, honey, coconut milk and mint

Hot spices (3rd chakra boosters that kick-start the 5th)

Our fifth chakra recipe this week is a tantalizing Blueberry Lemonade with Mint and Coconut Water sweetened with honey — a quick and easy way to create some refreshing pleasure in your day.

The blueberry, honey, coconut water and mint are all fifth chakra boosters and soothers, and the lemonade expands the power of your third chakra giving you the power to speak up. Adding pineapple juice is an even stronger, tastier compliment that will definitely get you smiling!








Blueberry Lemonade with Honey & Mint

Use refrigerated ingredients, as follows:

1-10 ounce tin coconut water, unsweetened

1 large lemon, juiced and seeded

1 C blueberry juice, unsweetened (store-bought, or juiced from whole fresh berries that you liquify in a blender)

6 large mint leaves to blend, and a few to float on top of the drink for decoration

Appx. 3-5 TBSP Buckwheat or other variety of honey, to taste or 3 packets of stevia or xylitol, to taste

*1/2 C pineapple juice, unsweetened, optional (adds a bit more happy depth)

*a big pinch cayenne, optional (to fire up your self-expression)

*1 C yoghurt, optional (will give you a more filling smoothie-style drink)

A Big Sense of Adventure!

Mix with a blender to incorporate the mint.  Drink immediately. This recipe serves two. Use freezer-chilled blue glassware, if possible. You’ll definitely know you’re alive with this one. It creates a total mind-body-spirit moment of bliss!

Please use organic ingredients wherever possible, always the better vibrational choice, in keeping with the integrity associated with the 5th Chakra.

That’s it for this week – bottom’s up!

Until next time, may everything you do and eat Feed Your Soul!

— Alanna and Vicki

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