The Importance Of The Bottom Of Your Heart


I’m just enough of a energy healing geek to actually think about my chakras in the shower.  And this morning as I was lathering up my hair, I experienced an “aha.”  An “aha” for me is when I revisit an idea I’ve visited many times before, and suddenly I penetrate it more deeply and have a more expanded perspective.  This morning, I suddenly understood the commonly used phrase “from the bottom of my heart.”

When people really mean something, deeply mean it, they say, this phrase.

So… why the bottom of the heart?

Why not the top?

We’re a pretty hierarchically-oriented culture.

In general, we like the top more than the bottom.

I think the answer is this:  “the bottom of the heart” is a very special place, because it’s where the third and fourth chakras meet.

It’s what I call a “chakra nexus.”

Chakra nexuses are very special points in the body because they represent key places where “masculine” (contractive) and “feminine” (expansive) energy meet. This means they’re important physical and energetic balance points – especially the three main nexus points of the body: between chakras 1 & 2, 3 & 4, and 5 & 6.

But I digress a bit…

Let’s get back to the 3rd-4th chakra nexus.

It represents an area we usually have trouble navigating properly because it addresses our ability to care about and connect with others, while also caring about ourselves and not losing our independence.  These two neighboring chakras basically create a pulsation between self-and-other that is never easy to navigate.

Who hasn’t fallen deeply in love and “lost” part of themselves in the process?

And who hasn’t experienced themselves unconsciously pulling away from a smothering type of love?

In fact, some would say this is the quintessential dichotomy for humans – to merge with another and to individuate — to be connected, and to be separate.  We want both.

So, with that in mind, “the bottom of the heart” takes on renewed meaning.  Staying open in your heart while contractive in your core is not an easy thing to pull off energetically or physically, but when mastered, it can bring happiness in one of life’s most challenging arenas – romantic love.

So, next time you say that something is from the “bottom of your heart” feel the balance you’re advocating – and take it as a reminder to honor yourself and your independence while also surrendering to love.


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