The End Of The Mayan Calendar Marks The Return Of The Divine Feminine


Yesterday, my boyfriend pulled out a DVD copy of the movie “2012” and insisted I watch the cool effects of our beloved Los Angeles melting down and crumbling into the sea. So, half -reluctant, I agreed to keep at least one eye on the screen while I wrapped Christmas gifts. That way, I reasoned, it wouldn’t be a total waste of time.

Soon, big gaping craters were opening up in the middle of Ralph’s grocery aisles, skyscrapers were tumbling, and fireballs were flying. I found myself laughing out loud. I couldn’t help it. The movie played like a hyped-up version of every December 12, 2012 doomsday theory every created.

Thank God we have media to help us work out these metaphors, because on a symbolic level, the movie was right on.  The aspects of our current world — and of ourselves – that are so focused on greed, competition and manipulation are falling away like old skypscrapers with rotted foundations.

Right now as I sit here writing, some parts of the world have already experienced the big shift into the anticipated – and oft dreaded – date of 12/21/12.

And the world remains.

My wifi even seems to be working quite well, something it often refuses to do on more “normal” days.

So, now, with the impending apocalypse out of the way, let’s talk about what the end of Mayan calendar really means. Or, more precisely, MY theory of what it means, since this is my blog and that’s what blogs are for.

For me the “End of The Mayan Calendar” – Dec. 21, 2012 – has always been more about a new beginning than any kind of ending. It just so happens that you need a good ending to create a new beginning. That’s just how cycles work, and as much as we try to make life some kind of linear timeline, it’s really just a bunch of cycles – those of the weeks, the seasons, and even lifetimes.

For me, this end of the Mayan Calendar officially marks a return to more feminine energy — a big step toward a more Goddess-oriented world. You see, everything in the Universe pulsates between the dualities of positive and negative, between masculine and feminine energies, and those of us in the western world have been decidedly off-balance toward the masculine side for about 5,000 years now. We’re way past due to pulsate back the other way.

But first let me clarify a bit by defining “masculine” and “feminine.” The masculine is that which is directive and contractive and seeks to manipulate the outer world. The feminine is that which is receptive and expansive and seeks to create connection, and to affect one’s inner world.

Neither one of these energies is better than the other. They are both needed as complements to each other. To argue for one over the other would be as silly as arguing over which is better — inhaling or exhaling. They are both absolutely necessary, and together they make up the dance of life. The more you can balance them, the more harmony, peace and centerness you experience.

So, for me, today marks the turning point back toward more feminine, but since we’re talking about huge cycles of thousands of years here, the shifts have already been happening before this date and they will continue happening long after it. This one day marks a turning point, not the beginning or the end of all the changes to come.

Blogger and Astrologer, Scarlet Kovina gives some great perspective on how gradual this transformation is in her latest post and how the stars are aligning to make it happen.  Here’s an excerpt:

Serious, difficult, transition IS happening but unfolding so gradually that it can be easy to grow accustomed to the energy as ‘normal.’ Saturn speaking Pluto’s language in Scorpio and Pluto speaking Saturn’s language in Capricorn and making a harmonious sextile aspect between them to boot, appear to have the two working in tandem to tear down and slowly reconstruct anew in a way that feels less like the painful urgency of giving birth but more like the slow passing of a gall stone. Essentially, this is Saturn and Pluto playing nice! Still, though the transformational death-rebirth process of new world structures will not be fast or easy, the mutually receptive nature of these two agents of power and order suggests that whatever comes in to replace the outmoded has the potential to be built more soundly and stand the test of time.

And Scarlett sees this shift toward the feminine as well:

I see people replacing attitudes and methodologies centered on competition and ‘survival of the fittest’ with ideas and practices promoting co-operation and mutual support. A collectivist attitude that recognizes the wounds of one affect the stability of all and an awareness that our time to accept a more global responsibility to the ensured welfare of every thing living on this planet is taking hold.

Personally, I like to point to the creation and proliferation of the internet. It’s really just a symbolic outgrowth of our shift into the feminine energy of connection. Out of our desire to connect, we have created a technology where people can meet virtually all over the world with great ease. Both space and time have become minor factors in our ability to unite with one another.  That’s a high spiritual achievement that has happened on a literal and technical level.

And over the last few years, I have personally begun to pick up on (that is, feel) my clients’ and loved ones’ energies from wherever I am (or they are) in the world. I experienced small glimmers of this ability as far back as 12 years ago, but now it is clear and consistent. And from what I have learned from others, this kind of energy awareness – as well as channeling and psychic phenomenon — is far more common place now than ever before.

And I believe it is going to become more and more prevalent.

It’s simply the actual embodiment of the idea that we are “all one” – a feminine energy realization.

The cool thing about this kind of connection is that it naturally engenders compassion. When you physically feel your neighbor, you must have empathy, because their pain is your pain and their joy is your joy.

This move from the masculine to the feminine will have a strong effect on the way our world operates, but I also believe it will have a more subtle effect on the way we practice our spirituality.

In the spiritual world, masculine energy has long been associated with attaining oneness with Spirit (rather than with each other). There has been an emphasis on transcending the body, on meditating and being above the lowly cravings of the body.

In the masculine paradigm, being “enlightened” has long been seen as somewhere you need to get to – a higher plane you arrive at when you become pure enough in your thoughts and habits. It creates a dynamic of self-judgment – that this body and this moment are not spiritual enough. That you have to attain spiritual oneness.

The feminine energy paradigm on the other hand is about embodiment and acceptance. Here, you are already considered spiritual. The inquiry becomes “How can we accept all of ourselves and others – knowing that all of it is an expression of Spirit (that conscious energy is at the base of everything – even those things that may seem inert of “bad”)?

When we begin fully embracing the feminine paradigm, the concept of the enemy turns into an exploration of our projections – and a fascinating journey into a deeper realization of the shadow sides of ourselves.

The healing tattoos I created are an example of embodied spirituality. I see the body as a gateway to deeper spiritual consciousness – not an impediment to it. Our body affects our energy and our energy affects our body – it’s a symbiotic relationship.

I find the old chakra model to be too masculine in it’s nature and am seeking to share a Feminine Model Of The Chakras with the world. In the old view, the lower chakras (first through third) are seen as less than. Spiritual teachers advise us to ascend the chakras through from lower to higher so that we may become “enlightened.” This is why we have a popular term (kundalini rising) for energy moving up through the chakras from lower to higher ones (and also why the highest spiritual attainment is called “enlightenment”) but we don’t have a well-known term for the much-needed, energetic movement from the upper chakras to the lower chakras which creates deeper embodiment.

It wouldn’t be appropriate to outline my entire Feminine Model of the Chakras here and now, but I hope you’ll stay tuned. Early in the new year, I will be offering a free video series sharing it in great detail, and showing how it differs from the old model.  It’s very elegant and it will help you accept yourself and others more fully – while also learning to co-exist on this beautiful planet of ours. So enjoy tomorrow as the first phase of a larger shift… as the first stirrings… the first signs of the bud coming up from the darkness to help us all blossom and balance together.

Vicki Howie, MA, EYRT, CHt is a Life Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner who loves to help you create the life of your dreams.


  • Kris
    December 21, 2012

    I can’t wait to see the Feminine Model of the Chakras! Great blog!

  • December 21, 2012

    Viki, thanks for this great post, and I can hear you literally laughing out loud while watching “2012!” As for me, when I saw the trailer in a cinema a few years ago, my immediate thought was “Here, we go.” The eye-rolling immediately preceded it.

    Your post for me is a clear and evident Sign by Goddess that I shall lead a new Goddess Course in 2013. Actually, I had scheduled one this year, twice and it did not take place. Perhaps 2013 shall be the year for it. Besides, if you add all the digits, it reduces to 6, Venus’s and Aphrodite’s Sacred Number.

    Thanks for this, and for Re-Minding me how present the Goddess Is in my life.

  • Vicki
    December 21, 2012

    Yes, Robert, I know that energy. I have been waiting on some level too — waiting to clearly unveil my feminine model of the chakras as well as my Chakra Life Cycles (which outlines the minor and major chakra cycles for each year of your life). You’re right that 6 is a wonderful number for Goddess undertakings. It’s about love and balance. Thank you for your male support of the Goddess. It’s time :-). <3

  • Vicki
    December 21, 2012

    Being an avid Chakra Boosters supporter, Kris, I think you’re already aware of most of it (;-) but I’m going to make sure it’s very clearly outlined on the site. And I hope to loosen folks grip on that whole masculine chakra hierarchy where ascending is “good” and descending is “bad.” Blessings to you, Vicki

  • December 21, 2012

    Hi Vicki, I loved your blog post. This is a great perspective on what the real change is that’s taking place now. I thought of you today and how I would love it if you created Yoga DVDs for purchase. I really miss taking your yoga classes. You are by far, one of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever had!

  • Meg
    December 25, 2012

    Great article and spoken by one who lives as she writes , dancing between the two pulsations of the masculine and feminine.Your work for me has been fresh air, the approach that resonates at such a deep profound level. So often would I look at other teaching and think how can that be ..? When you really take and embody your words above the world became for me some where I wanted to be ( you know that is huge for me to say ;0) Before Vicki’s work it was a world that I wanted to escape.
    I am super excited for you and your coming 2013 “events” , your such a kick a** Goddess I know your the woman for the job at hand of getting this important information and way of life out to the masses

  • Vicki
    December 25, 2012

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Eventually, I’ll probably do some yoga DVDs — regarding my specialities of the Divine Feminine, Back Wellness, and how the chakras relate directly to the physical practice. Thanks for giving me a little push :-). Big, warm blessings to you. May your new year be full of great possibilities.

  • Vicki
    December 25, 2012

    Wow,thanks so much. It’s been a pleasure “working” with you, Beautiful!! It takes a Kicka** Goddess to know one :-). Happy Holidays!

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