The Amazing Chakra Symbolism of the Chilean Miners’ Rescue


The world has long been fascinated by stories of people stuck in holes in the earth.   Even today, here in the U.S., the media still occasionally publishes updates on the woman who was known as “Baby Jessica,” the 18 month old infant who was rescued from a Texas well she fell into in 1987.

Why are we so collectively fascinated by media-covered rescues of people stuck in the earth?   I’m sure there are many reasons, but for this article, I want to focus on this one:  they remind us of the spiritual journey we must take through our own energy centers – our journey from the total stability (actually, captivity in the case of those stuck in the earth) of our first chakra, to the complete freedom of our seventh chakra.

This is particularly true in the well-covered case of the Chilean Miners.  Their ordeal captivated the world because it spoke quite clearly to our innate desire — or even our outright necessity — to evolve.  The chakra symbolism of the event was mind-blowingly poetic.

Let’s take a look at it.

First, there were 33 Miners.  There are 33 spinal vertebrae, and the chakras (our spiritual energy centers) reside along the spine — on the energy channel called the sushumna.  There are 3 masculine chakras and 3 feminine chakras in the body(3-3) — the seventh chakra, in contrast, is off the body, above the crown.

And here’s another interesting “coincidence,” the expert who operated the drill, actually brought the first miner up on the 33rd day of his work.

The miners were rescued on day 69 of their ordeal.  This number visually represents reversed energy – 9 is 6 upside down, and vice versa.  And that is what the rescue of the miners was – a reversal of direction.  The miners who had gone down 69 days earlier were finally brought back up.

But I digress a bit… let’s look at the individual chakras…

The rock that contained the mine represents the first chakra (masculine) and the element of earth. It is related to survival – and any fears we might have around it – which is exactly what the miner’s were facing down there.

The “womb” inside the rock – that is, the blocked mine — represents the second chakra (feminine) with the element of water which relates to emotions which the men experienced deeply – especially in the first 16 days when they had no contact with the outside world!

The drill capsule that brought the men back up was called the Phoenix.  It represents the third chakra (masculine) with the element of fire, and the qualities of focus, courage and action. Interestingly, it had long, support legs that were painted bright yellow, the color of the third chakra.

We have all heard of the phoenix “rising out of the fire” and how it represents rebirth.  Well, poetically, it was the Phoenix that brought the 33 miners back up to the light of day, and in doing so they were literally reborn.  I think it is pretty safe to say that none of their lives will ever be the same again.

The third chakra also relates to the Anusara Yoga Principle of Muscular Energy (hugging inward) and interestingly, the Phoenix was so narrow that the men had to hug into themselves for their journeys to the surface.

And the Phoenix could only bring up one man at a time.  Of course.  The symbolism of each man having to come up on his own is perfectly fitting, as each of us has a unique spiritual journey we alone must take.  Nobody else has our body, our history, our DNA.  We are alone in our individual, energetic evolution, but this is bolstered by the support we receive from (and give to) our loving community (kula).

When the men came up from the mine (journeyed through the chakras), the whole world was their kula, because we had been watching them and could intimately relate to their struggle.  We all felt liberated!

Nothing is ever lost in words… the men were “miners.”  When we hug into ourselves and light the fire of our third chakra (which represents the individual self), we are emphasizing our unique energy or what is “mine.”

When we hug in and go deep into our first chakra, we get stronger within ourselves and can “mine” and then offer up our unique gifts to the world.  The second miner that was rescued, the affable, Mario Sepulveda, brought rocks up to his rescuers!  (See youtube video link next to photo below)

Mario came out of the Phoenix with his red (first chakra) hat and excitedly gave rocks to all the rescuers who were wearing white hats.   White is the color of the 7th chakra (the opposite of the first) which stands for spirit and liberation.  Symbolically, Mario was giving earth to spirit.  Everytime we are reverent and seeking the highest in ourselves, we are giving our “rocks” (gifts) to men in white hats (spirit as it is embodied in those around us).  But first, we must always make the brave, downward journey into our lowest chakras where all our earthly fears and desires reside.


It’s not always the most fun place to go.  And it is often even a less fun place to stay. I mean, honestly, how many of the 33 miners would have stayed down there a single day if their participation had been optional?

This is why we as a collective are so fascinated when our brethren get stuck down there.  We want to see if they can actually go that deep down (nearly 2300 feet down in this case) and still find their way back to freedom.   And we want to experience the great liberation that can only come from surviving that kind of deep captivity.

But I digress again, let’s continue on with the chakras…

Camp Hope where the families set up tents represents the fourth (feminine) heart chakra where love and faith reside.  The families kept the love and hope alive that created the attitude that fueled the action of the rescuers who created the Phoenix.

Also, ironically, the last name of the man who had the skill to safely operate the drill that eventually brought the miners to safety was Hart – another nod to the importance of faith and the fourth chakra.

The (masculine) fifth chakra shows up in the form of a pact of silence the men created while in the mine.  The miners agreed to not tell their story individually when they got out.   They decided to stay silent until they could tell their story as a collective and thereby guard the truth of it, as well as share in the abundance from selling it.

The latter has been deeply tested since they got out.  That is not surprising because our whole culture is evolving into the fourth and fifth chakras right now.  We are all being tested on fourth and fifth chakra concerns – whether we can live from our heart and create peace (4th chakra), and whether we can find our true voice and purpose (5th chakra), and create the corresponding abundance that comes from finding them (hence all the restructuring of jobs and the economy right now).

Is it really any surprise the Chilean Miner’s entrapment captured the whole world’s attention?  It was a symbolic chakra odyssey that reminded each one of us that we can venture into the deepest depths of ourselves – and even if we seem to get stuck there, or falsely think we are alone (the miners certainly were not!) – we can follow the light of Spirit back to freedom and the warm embrace of those we love.


  • Tevin
    January 16, 2011

    nicely done…do you know the epicenter of the heart chokra in chili…nearest town or latitude/longitude maybe?

  • February 13, 2011

    Tonight the eve of St Valentines Day, represented with hearts and shades of red. 60 minutes did a 15 minute segment on the miners story. Now there emotional dark night of the souls struggle that they each bare in some fashion. I teared up thinking of that deep heart pain they are having. I said to myself….they need a shaman to call their spirits back! Humankind can not live without a spirit. They were alive in a tomb of such. This was not by choice. The symbolism of the above story is magnifient. I will read it again and again, thank you, blessing and love, christy.

  • February 13, 2011

    I don’t actually, but if you figure it out, please let me know :-). Thanks!

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