How Energy Can Effect My Chakra Healing Tattoos (A True Story!)


I want to share an amazing Chakra Booster experience I had while I was in Greece teaching my chakra workshops, but first, I have to give you a wee bit of back ground information.

My assistant, Blayne and I have been enthusiastically wearing and sharing my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos since their inception.  Around the New Year, we both began to comment on an interesting phenomenon we had independently observed over time – if we were applying a CB tattoo to someone who had pretty strong energy in a particular chakra, the tattoo seemed to stay longer, and even slightly resisted removal when we went to take it off with baby oil.

Conversely, if we were applying a tattoo on a chakra that felt very weak, a crack line would appear, or the tattoo would wear off more quickly and easily than usual.

Since we had both experienced this, we thought our observations had validity, but we weren’t completely sure – at least, not until I had an experience with Adriana in Greece (her name has been changed for her privacy).

Adriana was a sweet and lovely yoga teacher at an Athen’s studio.  One night, after her class, I offered her a Chakra Boosters tattoo and she enthusiastically accepted – saying that she really needed a third chakra boost.  I proceeded to check her third chakra energy by holding my hands inches away from her solar plexus in both the front and back, and I immediately detected a palpable weakness.

I told her I would put two Chakra Boosters on her – on front and back – and proceeded to put one on the back.  I placed it on her skin and wet it as I had done hundreds of times before on others, and something happened that had never ever happened before – the tattoo practically shredded off her back.  Over half of it peeled right off!

Curious, I tried the front – and it peeled off in shreds too!  I then started investigating more deeply. (I love investigating!) I asked Adriana if she had put on any lotion or oils that day.  Her answer was a simple “no.”  Okay, I thought, then I will try another chakra to see if it is her skin that is “rejecting” the tattoo.  If her skin is the problem, then no tattoo will stick.

I asked her which chakra she considered her strongest.  She told me it was her fifth, which was no surprise at all, since everyone in Greece seems to have a strong fifth chakra. I applied the tattoo on the back of Adriana’s neck and it stuck beautifully.  Perfectly.  Wow, I thought, it wasn’t her skin.  It was the “relationship” between her third chakra energy — that was not just weak, but resistant – and the CB third chakra tattoo!

I decided to further my investigation by seeing if I could shift her energy and reapply the two tattoos.  The studio where she worked was closing in mere moments, so I gave her a quick Sitha Healing focused on the third chakra, and she said she could immediately feel her energy shifting.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to re-apply the tattoos.  But 48 hours later, I saw her at the studio and suggested we try applying the third chakra tattoos again.  She gladly accepted, and this time, they both went on perfectly – no peeling at all (though the back side did have one small crack – evidence of a bit of continued weakness there).

Many customers have written to me with wonderful, interesting Chakra Boosters stories – of neck and back pains disappearing (L.A.), dreams getting clearer and more vivid (Greece and Burbank), headaches disappearing (Sweden), and  feet feeling more grounded or tailbone getting warm from the root chakra tattoo (many throughout the world), but this incidence with Adriana sticks with me in an even more indelible way because I saw it and felt it as it physically happened.  I witnessed the energetic and physical worlds interacting!

Skeptics often try to say that the mere idea of the chakra tattoos creates a positive result by causing the “placebo effect” for the wearer, and if that is the case, good. Healing of any kind is always good.  Nevertheless, this incidence with Adriana showed me quite clearly that there is a tangible relationship between one’s chakra energy and the Chakra Booster tattoos.  Our body has energy and intelligence in its very cells – as do the tattoos with their color, symbols and elements, and there is an actual relationship between the two – that entirely bypasses the conscious mind.

Have you had any similar experiences with the Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos?  If so, I’d love to hear from you!  If you aren’t sure which of your chakras are “strong” or “weak,” you can ask an energy practitioner or take the quick but thorough written test at eclecticenergies.com.  While not a perfect measure, it is the best written test I’ve found, and a very good starting point.


  • January 29, 2012

    i am very surprised to read this story becasue the first time i got the tatoos the same thing happened! and just now that im reading this i know why :). my mother has always had problems in the throat area so i knew i had to put the fifth chakra tattoo and i did at 8pm and the next morning it was not there! only little pieces of glue in her hair and pillama collar… so now i know why! but the sad thing is that i cant find someone who does that Sitha Healing you do :(… im in mexico… cant you do the healing by distance too? it would be great if you did! saludos y gracias! (greetings and thanks!)

  • Vicki
    January 29, 2012

    It’s amazing to witness, isn’t it, Julieta? And yes, I can do distance healing. Energy is beyond both space and time. It makes no difference. Blessings, Vicki 🙂

  • January 30, 2012

    great! ill send you a mail so we can arrange that! thanks 😉 te mando buena vibra 🙂

  • Vicki
    June 8, 2013

    Just to be clear… Julieta is a Chakra Boosters client who has had good success with our tattoos. They have worked and sticked to her well. This is why it was so surprising when the 5th chakra tattoo peeled off her mother overnight. I have had certain tattoos in non-rubbing (mostly clothing free) areas that have lasted 14 days. And I have others that have lasted as little as 5. The two most important factors in the tattoos lasting are: darker skin and stronger chakra energy. So if you have a very fair skin or very weak chakra energy, the tattoos will typically not last as long. And in extreme cases, will practically peel off. In my experience of wearing and/or applying thousands of them, the average lifespan is about 4 – 8 days. Hope this helps! Blessings, Vicki

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