Taurus Full Moon & Hallowmas ~ Back to Earth

October 29, 2012 – 12:49 (PDT)

~We all come from the earth and we all return to the earth~

 Hard to believe that mid-autumn is nearly here. This time of year brings much cooler days and longer nights. In many cultures, the holy day of Hallowmas (aka Hallow’s Eve, Samhain and yes, Halloween) meant the end of the current year. From November 1st to December 21st (Winter Solstice) was a “timeless time, ” a complete deathing of the old cycle and immersion of darkness and rest before the light was re-born at Solstice. This is also considered the most powerful time for prophetic dreams, connecting with the spirit realm and honoring all those that have passed on. Overall, this holy day is symbolized by death, dark and divination. If we were to link this particular celebration with the lunar cycle, Hallowmas wouldmost closely relate to the dark moon, the end of a cycle.

How interesting that in the auspicious year of 2012, this Hallowed eve will be experienced under a full moon and not just any full moon, the consummate mother goddess full moon, Taurus.

Taurus, like Libra, is ruled by Venus, and here she is much more at home. Moving from the mental realm of cardinal air to the sensual roots of fixed earth, this is the sign where Venus luxuriates in the gifts of the physical. Slow, steady, sweet and stubborn, Taurus venerates beauty, food, sex, touch and comfort. The Taurus new moon happens in May, generally around the decadent May day festivals, where everything is blossoming, everyone is flirting and love is in the air. In her full moon expression, always in the autumn months, Venus/Taurus again asks us to appreciate the changing earth, offer gratitude for the harvest and abundance of the year passing and start to settle back into our roots for a long winter’s rest.

What is the message of the Earth Goddess as she appears in the full moon light so close to the spirit ruled Hallow’s eve? Trick or treat, my friends. That is for you to find out, if you dare. (Insert evil laugh here)

Kidding, kidding. But not really. This holy day is incredibly personal and can be the most powerful of all holy days if you choose to tune in and connect. Plus, a huge reason there is so much dis-ease of every possible kind is because we are so disconnected from the earth. We hardly have a personal relationship with the planet that we are born on, live on and eventually, die on.

I once thought, because I hiked a lot, sat outside and planted a few veggies, that I knew the earth, that I had this really close relationship with her. Now, we did have a relationship and to some extent it was a deeper connection than many have the chance to cultivate; but it was not until I spent 5 days alone in a 10 foot circle with nothing but water, toilet paper, extra clothes and a sleeping bag that I got some idea of what it actually would be like to truly live according to the rhythms of the earth. It was terrifying, challenging, humbling, inspiring, beautiful and more pure than anything I have ever done to date. For the first time in my whole life, I was completely reliant on the planet to keep me safe, no technology or modern comforts, no one to else to take care of me. And she did.

Now I am NOT telling you to go spend 5 days fasting next week. That practices takes lots of prayer and preparation, but this cycle, full moon/hallowmas has all the power and potential of a vision quest. So, what is something you can do between 10/29 and 11/4 that could connect you more fully to earth than ever before? A hike, gardening or simply sitting outside are all great places to begin. This lunation is a magical vortex, because for a few rare, precious days, we are invited to love and celebrate our roots, plants, stones and flesh and at the same time, receive wisdom, guidance and vision from our spirit guides and ancestors. I can’t think of any sweeter opportunity.

Perhaps take a little time to adorn your body with oils or delicious scents, then create an earth altar in a natural setting that feels sacred to you. Place pictures of loved ones passed and items that represent the gifts of your life. Collect beautiful stones, fall leaves or sticks that call to you and decorate them. Cook or bake something delicious and offer it the spirits, and then dance, meditate, make love or sit sky clad under the full moon.

Since my 5 days in nature, I no longer use a flash light. I did not have any light other sun or moon and actually found that in open nature, it never gets that dark. I have found I love to walk and hike in just moonlight. That could be something you experiment with next week, too (in a safe way, please). It can heighten the senses to be in the dark, and softens our vision to truly see the world around us. If nothing else, simply make a mantra of the opening words: We all come from the earth and we all return to the earth.

At this pivotal moment where another year is ending and the darkness comes closer, it is important to return to practices that deeply honor and connect us with this beautiful planet. We must respect our roots, all of them, from our families of origin to the roots of our species and the roots of all earthly beings up to the roots of our soul journeys. We must care for all these roots, acknowledge the relationships between them and revere them in every aspect of our lives. We are hearing this plea from the earth Goddess herself! From our roots come wisdom, strength and healing. This is the time to go back to the earth and trust her to guide and nurture you in the dark months ahead.

Let her speak to you, let all the earth spirits speak to you, through the soles of your feet or the palms of your hands. Through the base of your spine or the softness of your belly. Get out on the earth under this full moon and let your body and spirit dance.


Blessings, blessings, blessings~



Bekah Finch Turner is a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com

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  • Vicki
    October 30, 2012

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, Alanna. Enjoy the full moon!

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