Step Into Your Feminine Power & Save The World


Every woman in the western world should watch this beautiful poem by Lily Myers. It encapsulates, in a way my linear writing cannot possibly do, the shadow of feminine power in our world now. It’s what we need to shift, and it rings so true for me that I cry when I watch it.

“The world will be saved by the western woman.”

The Dalai Lama said it.

And as a western woman, I can feel that potential expanding within me and I fully agree.

But notice, his greatness didn’t say it would be easy.

Because it won’t. It will require a great transformation within us, a true rising into, and claiming of our full feminine power.

Right now, we, the collective women of the western world are like that well-intentioned underdog in the story that every wants to win. Mother Earth herself is rooting for us — needs us — to succeed.

To do this, we must fully step into our collective history, and simultaneously rise above it.

The time is ripe. A path of exceptional opportunity has been paved for us by our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers. Paradoxically, though, another thing has been handed down to us by those same, female ancestors — and it can sabotage our best efforts to expand if we are not careful.  It’s that inner critical voice of self-doubt and self-denial. That part of us that may want to play small, because not too long ago in history we HAD to play small.

How do we handle this contradiction within ourselves?

How do we get past our deep-seeded internal blocks to our power, so we may do something no less than save the world that so clearly needs the loving touch of strong, solidified Sisterhood right now?

This is how: we put all our faith and focus on the highest vision of what we want to create — in ourselves and in our world.

SisterhoodWe COMMIT to that vision and it’s birth more than we have ever committed to anything in our life.

With total, complete, unmitigated resolve.

We become singularly focused on our vast potential — and that resolve permeates every cell in our body, every breath that we inhale, every decision we make, every action we take.

When old, habitual, disempowering memories, thoughts or feelings flood our bodies, we gently, but firmly bring ourselves back to our highest vision of what we intend to create.

This vision becomes our touchstone and our guide. It informs every move we make.

Doubts, insecurities and setbacks begin to pale in comparison to this inner knowing we have about what we want to create in the world. It’s a new way of being that we need to cultivate on a tangible, physical level so we can actually take the actions that will change the world.

Today, Sister, on the eve of the powerfully transformational Aries Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse, I ask you to make a commitment to this process of living your highest vision of yourself and the world. Light a candle, write a vow or in any other way, make a promise to yourself to make your life, your contribution matter; to be the light you came her to be.

When enough of us do this, there will be no turning back. The world will begin to blossom into new ways of being that reflect our nurturing, life-giving force of feminine power.

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