Sagittarius New Moon ~ Stoke Your Inner Fire, Play & Celebrate


bekah finch turner moon astrologyNew Moon in Sagittarius ~ Monday, December 2, 2013 @ 4:22 pm PST

The day the sun left watery Scorpio and entered fiery Sagittarius was also the first time it really rained in southern California.

We have spent the past months mostly drowning in Scorpionic depth. The Philippines literally experienced the height of wet death through the deadly powerful typhoon and the world grieves with them for all the loss and destruction.

For the rest of us, while we may have not felt Pluto’s wrath in such an extreme way, it has still been a challenging and transformative cycle.

Even though the sun is now dancing in Sag’s mutable fire, and the moon joins the party on 12/2, all is not exactly bright and cheery in our physical and emotional worlds.

But this is the brilliance of cosmic design! It is at this very moment, in the cold days and longest nights that Sag comes into play. Sag with her long mane, adventurous heart and songs of myth, magic and miracles, is the most gregarious and fun loving of all signs. Fire energy is spiritual and Sag stokes that inner light within us all, the light that has been dampened by Scorpio’s flood of feelings.

The sun itself may feel far away, but the flame within burns bright when we invite Sag to the party. Is it any wonder this is the month of holiday travels and celebration? A time of gratitude and good will? Sure, some holidays fall after solstice and into Capricorn, but roughly Thanksgiving to Christmas is Sag time, and it can be a time of stress and darkness or one of warmth and joy.

Sag favors building a big fire and inviting everyone to come by. Sag plays lively tunes and serves warm food and drink and encourages games and dancing. She also loves learning and sharing, telling stories, reading books, watching movies, especially history and adventure. She encourages sharing dreams, jokes and our desires. Sag may also inspire trips, whether short getaways or epic journeys and even if we can’t run off, we may fantasize or plan trips for the future. Sag created the original wanderlust. Ruled by Jupiter, the lucky, benevolent outer planet, this is the time for connecting to our spirit and all that makes it burn brighter and stronger, so that we can thrive inside even as winter draws near.

How can you stoke the inner flame? “In” is the key. Doing inner work, delving into the inner depths, celebrating “in” doors. What really sustains you from the inside out? What makes you laugh, shine and savor life? Who are the people that get that inner fire dancing? Who and what inspire you and fuel you through times of challenge? This is where our energy needs to go for the next month. This is not the time for new beginnings or big actions, this is the realm of spirit and shifting our energy in a positive, sustainable way. Sag loves wide open spaces and there are limitless possibilities out there for each of us to explore the Sagittarian way of life. It might be cold outside, but inside, there is a whole world waiting to be enjoyed.

In Yoga, we say “namaste,” which means that the divine light in me honors the light in you. I think this is the perfect time to offer that sentiment.

Namaste and many blessings,


Bekah Finch Turner is a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com

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