Here’s Your F-Word For Balancing Your Second Chakra


This post is the second in a series of seven, where I’m helping you learn your chakras in a simple and powerful way – by giving you one F-Word for each chakra. Last week, I wrote about the F-Word for the first chakra: Foundation.

This week, we’re looking at the second chakra which is orange and resides in the hips.  It develops from age 8 to 14, the time of gender identity and sexual development, so of course, it is associated with sexuality, as well as sensuality.

There are plenty of F-Words that apply to the sacral chakra, such as fertility, feelings, flirtation, and fun. But the one I feel applies the best is FLOW.

2nd chakraThis chakra relates to the water element and it’s the home of the Divine Feminine. It’s almost the polar opposite of the first chakra which is the home of the Divine Masculine. Compared to the first chakra which is strong, earthy and stable, the second chakra is soft, watery and constantly changing. It’s definitely the chakra of flow.

When you’re strong in your second chakra, you tend to be easy going, creative and sensual. You’re totally comfortable with your emotions and letting them flow. You’re also a master of change and a lover of all things pleasurable and joyful.

The first and second chakras complement each other in the same way a man and a woman do. The first chakra is all about stability, and the second chakra is all about change. The root chakra is sturdy and the sacral chakra is sensual. Basically, they need each other for balance.

One way to “feed” your second chakra is to drink liquids, especially orange juice. Another great way to boost it is to wear my Second Chakra Booster Healing Tattoo. You can also dance, get a massage, play games, take a warm bath or wear sensual fabrics. Most important of all, though, is that you take it easy and “go with the flow.”

Stay tuned… next week we look at the F-Word for the fire chakra that resides in your solar plexus. Maybe read about your chakras in this “Introduction To The Chakras” and see if you can guess what the 3rd chakra F-Word is going to be.


  • diva
    November 24, 2013

    FLOW! Oh, yes, do we ever need flow when it comes to emotion and the unfolding of life. Thank you!

    I think I know what the F-word for the third is!

    I love this Vicki! Thank you.

  • Vicki
    November 24, 2013

    I’ll bet you do, Diva! Much love, Vicki

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