How To Open Your Heart Chakra Wider This Holiday Season


This week I’m going to interrupt our journey through the F-words of the chakras so I can write about how to open your heart chakra wider this holiday season.

You may have already seen this popular holiday video. As of this writing, it has garnered over 24 million views!  And I understand why. Personally, I could watch it a dozen times more. It’s so cute and innocent. So sweet. So very, very heart chakra.

In the video, some BYU students play a fun prank on passersby. As they administer a fake holiday “survey,” an innocent sprig of mistletoe comes down from above and the person being questioned has the option to kiss the interviewer – or not.

It’s particularly sneaky, though, because before the mistletoe is lowered, the interviewer asks the person if he or she would kiss a stranger if they were under the mistletoe. If the interviewee answers affirmatively, then he or she has already committed to the act before the situation has even presented itself. So when it does present itself, the interviewee gets a good laugh and feels compelled to act – or not.

One woman actually slaps the interviewer and seems genuinely surprised, but I feel she may have been staged by the director of the video. Check out her body language from behind it seems stiff and unnatural. Besides, it’s a really hard slap, as if someone – like the director/cameraman — gave her “permission” to do it.  But I digress…

The compelling part of this video for me is how it flips our mass hypnosis about loving and connecting. Normally we walk around fairly guarded in our heart chakra because of social norms. And that’s pretty understandable, since everyone deserves to have their own private space and to decide whether they want to let us in or not.

Still, social norms and priority do have a hypnotic effect on us over time and this causes us to be a bit more distant from each other. This playful video reminds us that we can create healing connection when we feel we have “permission.” Mistletoe gives us permission to connect. A person with a big sign saying “Free Hugs” gives us permission.

These kinds of videos where there is tacit permission to have heartfelt connection are touching because they tear down the typical walls we have up, and remind us how easy, innocent and healing it can be to connect with another human being.

I think the lesson from the mistletoe this holiday season is to ask yourself this:

~ Where have I been socially “hypnotized” to hold back my love? Or to not let others’ love in?

And more importantly…

~ How can I give myself permission to share my heart and receive the love of others more readily?

This may be as simple as smiling or saying “hello” to strangers more often. Or saying “I love you” to friends and family every single day.

Or it may be the practice of graciously accepting a compliment or a gift.

In whatever form it takes, love is a two-way street. You let it in, and you also express it outwardly. Give yourself permission to walk on both sides of the love street, and to do so more readily. Reframe your world so that you look for ways to give and receive love in every moment.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you’re sharing your heart more fully than ever this holiday season and that 2014 will bring you more joy and possibility yet!

Xoxoxo (hugs and kisses with or without the mistletoe),


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