How To Manifest ~ A Powerful Abundant Mystic Interview


I’ve just been invited to be a part of the Abundant Mystic 2014 Series and I’m really excited about it, because I absolutely adore the way the host, Edward Mills interviews, and I think you will too! Ed is a lover of chakras and all things energetic, so it’s always a free-flowing good time. And he’s really big on getting valuable take aways from ever single interview, so you have actionable steps you can take to improve your experience of abundance.

Check out his fun/silly opening video and sign up for the free series here.

I’ll be appearing on the Abundant Mystic Wednesday, April 23, but you there are lots of amazing speakers appearing before me, so sign up now and soak up the prosperity vibes.

To begin preparing for my interview, I went back and listened to the recording of my Abundant Mystic interview from a few years back, and it’s really got a lot of great information. You can listen to on the player above.

It covers a lot:

~ The story of how and why I created Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos (or feel free to skip through that first part if you already know my story)

~ How to tell whether you’re moving with the natural cycles of life (when delaying action on something) or simply being avoidant.

~ Why your beliefs about wealthy people may be keeping you broke.

~ Why the manifesting current is more important for creating wealth than the liberating current.

~ Why you should listen to your desires.

~ How to connect with trees for spiritual growth and abundance.

And of course, much more.

It’s a fun talk. Ed and I are both curious, spiritual-seekers, so our ideas bounce off of each others’ nicely.

If you’re a “mystic” (upper chakra-oriented spiritual seeker) and you’ve had very little success with the Law Of Attraction as it’s typically taught, this interview may shed some light on the topic. Better yet, though, check out these two blog posts I wrote. They may create a life-changing “aha” moment for you and help you start shifting your prosperity paradigm today.

You can access them here: Part 1 & Part 2. And again, please sign up for the free Abundant Mystic Series, and I’ll “see you” there!

Here’s to you having love, good health, joy and all forms of abundance!

(p.s. If all of this first chakra abundance information resonates with you, you’d probably love this prosperity audio course I created.)

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