Libra New Moon ~ Return of the Goddess

Libra New Moon – Monday, Oct. 15, 2012, 4:03 am PST

Do you remember this past Spring when Venus was running the show? Between the Libra full moon, Taurus new moon and rare Venus Transit, the Goddess was awakening, encouraging us to remember our sacredness and the sacredness of the earth. My moon gathering friends and I celebrated with a sweet day in Ojai and allowed mama earth to nourish and fill us up so that we could endure the crazy eclipse cycle and transformational fires that Gemini and summer would bring.

Libra’s scales have tipped, and we are now just past Autumn equinox, heading towards Hallowmas and the death of another year. Venus returns full force for another unique lunation, but this time it is to help us realign and gracefully release into the earth for rest and renewal. Her loving embrace, if we choose to accept it, will hold us firmly and safely through the final months of 2012.

Venus rules two signs, Libra and Taurus. In Libra, she manifests as Cardinal air, bringing balance, harmony and beauty to our relationships and interactions. In Taurus, fixed earth, she is the ultimate earth goddess; ancient, sensual and nurturing. We have the pleasure of experiencing Venus in both her forms this month, under a Libra new moon and Taurus full moon. Again, this is not a usual coupling, Libra dances with Aries and Taurus connects with Scorpio. However, we are in a special time where new relationships and energies are being explored and awakened. I am just humbled to spend this time with Venus. I think it is a huge celestial gift from the goddess herself. I don’t know about you, but this has been a really intense year for me. I am grateful for the Virgo/Aries purification I received last month, it was just what I needed, but I also trust that a month of healing and feminine blessings will be perfect as well.
Not all who follow astrology adhere to the idea that the sign of the new moon rules each month. Many have continued to stick with the traditional pairings the last few months as the sun is still following his usual course. But my intuition, which is something I really discovered when I started to follow the lunar cycles, says there is something to the relationship between new and full moon. The new moon, to me, does feel like the most powerful day of the month and therefore it dictates my direction and intention. On the same intuitive level, I feel like there absolutely is a correlation between the new and full moon signs and that that relationship is the bigger overall teaching of each cycle. But this is all just based on my experience and understanding.

I am not, and I say this all the time, a trained astrologer, simply a moon devotee with a Gemini sun, Aries moon and Libra rising that demand I express my thoughts! What I share each month in these emails is written with love, from my heart, from a place of wanting to be of service, if I can. I am honored that anyone likes to read what I write, but please know that this work and these energies have to be experienced for yourself, and only you can decide what is real and powerful for you. I don’t tend to think this path can be right or wrong, it simply must feel true for you and be bringing more joy and clarity to your life.

That is the essence of Libra. She listens to all sides, considers all options and then makes the decision that serves the highest good. Sometimes this makes the answer that much harder to find, as there does not always seem to be one that pleases all. We are seeing this dilemma a lot right now, particularly as the 2012 elections draw near. Being a manifestation of Venus, Libra ultimately chooses the path that has the most love. It often requires sacrificing more selfish or surface desires but that is the default of the Goddess. What is the choice that will bring the most love into your life?

As the Libra new moon rises, it’s a good time to consider your primary relationships, including with self. Have you been sacrificing love in those relationships for something else? Have you been limiting the love you give yourself in favor of someone else? How can you start to gently let go of the situations, people, places and things that drain the love from your life? How can you commit to using this cycle as an opportunity to give more love to the things that are really important to you? Take a walk on an autumn morning, afternoon or evening. Look at how Mother earth simplifies at this time, choosing to let many things die back into her so that her body and spirit can be repaired and renewed. This season truly is about pulling inward and holding close that which deeply sustains you and letting everything else go.

We just experienced the intense effects of heavy hitters Scorpio/Saturn/Pluto/Capricorn and the Aries full moon who may have ripped old wounds open and demanded a fiery sacrifice. Let the Libra new moon soothe those burns with her cool, sweet breath. Lay your head and your troubles on her magical scales and let her point the way towards love. Bask in all that brings beauty and balance to your heart this month. Welcome back the goddess, sacred Venus, with open arms and trust your intuition. Follow the moon, hold what you love close and she will take care of you.



Bekah Finch Turner is a Yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com

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