How to (Finally) Get the Law Of Attraction To Work For You – Part 2


(Note: If you’ve not yet read Part 1 of this post, please read the previous post to bring you up-to-date.)

I’ve already explained how people are often imbalanced to one side of the chakras – toward more spirit – called Upper Chakra Dominant (UCD) – or more earth – called Lower Chakra Dominant (LCD).

Hopefully, you’ve identified where you are on the chakra spectrum – basically balanced, more UCD, or more LCD, because we’re going to look at how each of these groups need to work differently with the “Law Of Attraction.”

First of all, let me just point out that the LOA as it has been laid out in “The Secret” (and become popular in our culture) is geared toward LCD people. It assumes that you are well-grounded and physically able to manifest, and then simply guides you toward more upper chakra work in the form of visualization (6th chakra), intent (5th chakra) and belief (4th chakra).

So the shift into spiritual manifestation and abundance is fairly easy for LCD people – and “The Secret” is a fairly good recipe for them.  Unfortunately, it’s a whole different, much harder journey for those who are Upper Chakra Dominant.

Here’s why.

Picture the chakras as a pyramid – with the red first chakra creating a base and the violet/white seventh chakra creating the tip.  At the very tippy-top, there is no more matter – only space all around.  And at the bottom — the lowest, deepest bottom, there is no more space, only matter. Here, things are gravity-filled and heavy.  And they move extremely slowly.  While at the top, everything is light and free and moves at the speed of thought.

If you recall, the way that human energy manifests is by starting from the top of this pyramid with pure thought (7th chakra) and then moving it down through the steps of visualizing (6th chakra), setting clear intention and/or doing affirmations (5th), believing in it (4th), acting on it (3rd), creatively solving any problems that arise (2nd) and sticking to it until it manifests (1st).

Someone who is totally balanced can move through each one of these steps with ease.  But someone who is either UCD or LCD must learn to open up the opposite (neglected) side of their bodily energy system.

For LCD folks, the “recipe” for making the “Law Of Attraction” work is to do the sort of things recommended in “The Secret” (upper chakra work). Unfortunately, the “recipe” does not work for UCD people. Making the LOA work for them is a whole different ballgame, a much harder one.

If you’re UCD, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but someone’s got to tell it to you straight – and it might as well be me, since I’ve been doing the hard work myself for several years now, and it has rocked my world (in a slow, steady, first chakra kind of way, of course).

You see, the realm of the upper chakras is a light, energy realm where things can change in an instant and miracles happen.  This means that Lower Chakra Dominant people can change their reality almost instantaneously.  All they have to do is change their thoughts, words and beliefs.

For UCD folks, the realm that needs to be opened is the dense, lower world.  It’s like they’re a tree with many branches and leaves, but no roots.  Imagine having to plant a full-grown tree. It wouldn’t be easy, would it.  You’d have to dig a huge whole for the tree to fit into. This is a perfect analogy for the kind of work that UCD people need to undertake.

They must do strong, consistent physical work to dig that hole. They can’t just change their thoughts or do energy work.  Yes, the lower chakras are energy, so part of the work can be done on the energetic level, but eventually, UCD people must come into their bodies.

My “Boost Your First Chakra For Grounding & Prosperity” Audio Course explains the main reasons why UCD people have not fully come into their bodies, but that doesn’t really matter as much as HOW they can start doing it.

Some of the best ways are: grounding exercises, gemstone work, hatha yoga, tantric exercises, and shadow work (click any of those words to get more info on any of the above techniques).

My First Chakra Audio course is also available as an ebook on Amazon, and it addresses all these ways of shifting one’s energy downward to become more grounded and prosperous.

The main thing I want to get across here is that the LOA as it is espoused in our culture is not “one size fits all.” For several years, I felt like a failure because upper chakra techniques like those recommended in ‘The Secret” didn’t work for me, and I’m hearing the same thing from many of my clients.  If you, too, are a UCD person, I simply hope that this post will shed a unique light on your situation and guide you toward the grounding, security and abundance you desire.

Just remember to roll up your sleeves first.  It’s going to take some consistent, hard work.


  • August 13, 2012

    Dear Vickie,

    Much Peace and Love from Paris, France !

    I read your article about LOA part 1 on CLN. I then went to your website and discovered part 2. It resonates so much within. I am UCD and funny enough, I worked with a wonderful friend on bringing back the energy from up… going down since Friday. Then today I saw your articles. I totally understand now, feel now.
    What you write about ‘must come into their bodies’ is so true. I finally and totally accepted my body and see the beauty of it since only one month.
    I became more and more conscious about my body since more than a year ago. Then I started to detox it. Now I am more or less eating vegan, except for milk in my morning coffee…
    Something happened, but it feels that I have finally accepted this body, which is actually wonderful. All the parts of it. I hated my feet, I think they are beautiful now… the list is long, I don’t want to bother anyone with this ! 😉

    Personally I never felt attracted to The Secret. I have it, because people gave it to me as a present. Never read it though. Probably I felt it wasn’t for me 🙂

    As much as I always felt my crown chakra buzzing, as if bubbles are in there, it has only been since a couple of days that I feel this tickle now non-stop in my feet. Energy flows… and it feels good.

    So thank you for sharing your experiences, as they just add to the pieces of the puzzle falling into place and creating the most wonderful picture.

    Much Love,

  • Vicki
    August 13, 2012

    Wow — thank you for being so open and for sharing your personal experiences. There are so many of us who are just coming into our bodies now… This is the wave of the future — reversing the age-old emphasis on ascension, and realizing that we are now evolved enough to be fully in our bodies. Let’s bring heaven down to earth! Love and blessings, Vicki

  • c
    August 14, 2012

    This is very interesting in explaining the difference between UCD and LCD. Two questions:

    1: You’d think UCD people have it easier because we are closer to being visionaries, so the vision part comes much easier–and that UCDs have a harder time. I don’t get that…
    2: This part 2 is entitled How to (Finally) Get the Law Of Attraction To Work For You. The article leaves you hanging though–it doesn’t really describe how to do it. Meaning, you do discuss that you had to do the work of rooting the tree (good analogy) but you don’t go through steps or details, you just introduce the general concept. If the article is entitled such, I’d like to see a more detailed account–perhaps for example you describe what your process was; list a paragraph about each of the practices you suggest and why they work….anyhow in leaving the piece, I’d like to know more about ” How to (Finally) Get the Law Of Attraction To Work”

    thanks for your writing, it’s interesting

  • Vicki
    August 14, 2012

    Hi Cinderela,
    Thanks for your questions.
    1) UCD people have more trouble manifesting because they can visualize — YES — but they typically can’t activate the part of the energy system that is responsible for the physical portion of the manifesting. The best I can do is give you the analogy of a tube that stretches between earth and heaven. You can put some gold coins (visualization) into the tube at the top (upper chakras), but if that tube (the body’s chakra system) is blocked in the lower portion, those coins never come out the bottom — they can’t,; it’s blocked! It’s tough talking about how energy/spirit and the physical world meet and become one, because our language is dual — describing two things — spirit and body — but there is really only one thing — Spirit in lighter and denser forms. A block in either the upper or lower portion of the chakra “tube” along the spine (shusumna) will create either a lack of manifesting (dense) energy or a lack of liberating (light) energy.
    2) The first chakra is about simplicity, but it is also about detail, and there are many different ways you can work on opening the lower chakras. My two hour audio course goes into these in detail– http://www.chakraboosters.com/chakra-courses/ — and gives you the guidance to consistently do the work. But I also have six simple first chakra video tips on my youtube channel. Here’s one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Sk42fy6YLc And here’s a great chakra affirmation I made for opening up the whole chakra channel of the spine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLCdoCgXZdI Hope this helps! Love and blessings, Vicki

  • Barbara
    August 23, 2012

    Hi Vicki

    Was wondering whether the Chakra boosters can help with a lower back injury. I have a persistent lower back problem that is stopping me doing any kind of yoga or body work. Will the chakra boosters still work with this problem.

  • Vicki
    August 23, 2012

    Hi Barbara, I am not allowed to make medical claims about the Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™ (I’m sure you can appreciate why). I can only say that when I have had back problems or a few of my clients have, we have found that they do tend to help when coupled with a physical program. If you ever in the Los Angeles area or would like to work on Skype, I can work with you on this. Therapeutic yoga for the back is one of my specialties. I have had scoliosis my whole life and I have reduced it significantly with Anusara Yoga and wise application of The Universal Principles Alignment. I’ve had to deal with some “fall out” in the lower chakras (especially my knees) due to the scoliosis causing uneven weight distribution all these years. The thing with lower back problems — is that they are energetic by nature (like all illness), but they represent SUPER DENSE energy that has manifested over time. So, healing here typically requires first chakra qualities — ongoing commitment and physical work. The question is: are you willing to commit and go into your body? Or are you afraid or resistant to the lowest parts of your body? Lower back problems are typically a problem in the relationship between your first and second chakras — or a subconscious rejection of your first and second chakras all together. Remember your first chakra represents the steady, strong, Divine Masculine and your second chakra represents the flowing, sensual Divine Feminine. Obviously, this topic is more than I can handle in a blog reply, but I can certainly work with you on this on many levels if you’d like: energetic, mental and physical (everything is actually energy at base, but I separate the world of pure energy, ideas, and dense physical energy so you can better understand the ways we can work on this). Yes, I recommend the tattoos because they shift energy well and are an inexpensive form of continual energetic therapy. Try wearing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 7th. The tattoos are here: http://www.chakraboosters.com/store/ and my consultations are here: http://www.chakraboosters.com/private-consultations/ All the best with your recovery — you can heal this — stick with it and also be loving and compassionate with yourself on this journey. Warm Blessings, Vicki

  • Barbara
    August 23, 2012

    Hi Vicki

    Thanks for this comprehensive answer. I am glad I have bought the 1st, 2nd and 3rd tattoos. I think it is the lumbersacral joint on the right side. I used to dislocate my right shoulder regularly when I was in my 20s and had it sewn into its socket after 7 dislocations which stopped it so there is a bit of right-side guarding by the body. I have a tendency to lean into my right side and it is the stronger side. I also fell off my sisters horse a few years after that and sustained an injury that way. I used to do Ashtanga Yoga for a long time but now I find I can’t do anything lower body related without getting pain into my right hip which is why I think it is lumbersacral rather than sciatic (I don’t get pain down my legs at all)

    I am also thinking of working with magnotherapy as well as it seems to be efficacious but I will use the boosters first. Hopefully the first one will get me the money to continue to heal this.


  • Miguel
    October 18, 2012

    Great articles Vicki,

    I totally get it. It explains very succintly why I have had difficulties with the loa. I am clealy UCD and the message is not getting down to the lower chakras.

  • Vicki
    October 18, 2012

    Glad it brought some clarity Miguel. Now work those lower chakras and let’s manifest! 🙂

  • June 18, 2019

    I simply wanted to write down a quick word to say thanks to you for those wonderful tips and hints you are showing on this site.

  • June 21, 2019

    Great article, nice content. Thanks for posting.

  • Joanne
    January 26, 2020

    Thank you so much. I have been struggling so much with manifestation. I can visualize beautifully with high flying emotions. However, when it comes time for the manifestation to show up, nothing, just fizzles out. Now I finally have my answer. Thank you so much. Blessings.

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