Just Say No To Chakrism


I’d like to introduce you to something I call “chakrism.”  It’s akin to sexism and racism, but related to the chakras.  You see, our chakras are all equally valuable and important.  They are all spirit – that is, conscious energy.  But our spiritual culture has a distinct bias toward valuing the upper chakras over the lower chakras, and this practice makes most “spiritually-minded” people chakrists.

Our language is a clear indicator of our culture’s upward bias.  We talk a lot about ascension, the Higher Self, and “Kundalini Rising” but we don’t say much about descending or going downward.

Yes, the upward current of the body is important.  It’s called the Liberating Current, and it gives our physical life a sense of freedom and expansion.  But the Manifesting Current – the one that goes downward – is equally important.  It gives us the ability to manifest things into physical form and allows us to experience all the sensory delights of the material world.

When it comes to chakra healing, balance is really the most important thing.  So we do ourselves – and our world – a deep disservice when we think and act in a chakrist fashion.

I believe the current state of our planet is actually a symptom of our spiritual bias against the lower chakras.  Mother Earth IS first chakra.  The element of the root chakra is earth.  That pretty much says it all.

By down-playing or even disowning the first chakra, we inadvertently disconnect from our planet. Or, at least, we allow those who might be disconnected from their more spiritual side to dictate the way Mother Earth is treated.

Big business has basically been controlling the state of our environment, because business has long been comfortable in the first chakra – the realm of money, career and materialism — while more spiritually-minded folks have been more interested in “ascension” than on creating powerful leadership for the  compassionate care of Mother Earth.

But things are definitely starting to shift now.  The internet is connecting like-minded individuals and creating a truly democratic power on core issues like health and environment.  Also, the web is forcing everyone – even big business — to be more accountable.

I hope this post has inspired you to think more chakra-equitably, because I think it’s time we stop sending the lower chakras to the back of the bus.


  • Kalina
    January 27, 2013

    Great article! I’ve always felt this way and wondered why our first three chakras often get “condemned” when they are part of the whole experience in growth. All of our chakras deserve love, and I adore how you brought in our connection to Mother Earth through the root chakra. I love the artwork depicting this as well. Thanks again and much Love!

  • Vicki
    January 27, 2013

    Kalina, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I am currently redesigning the website to more fully embrace my unique, non-hierarchical view of the chakras. Stay tuned… and come support the “cause.” 🙂 Much love and many blessings, Vicki

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