Chakra Talk: All About Shadow Integration!


Hello Beautiful Soul,

This week on Chakra Talk, we’re diving into my favorite (and perhaps the most overlooked and maligned) transformational topic — Shadow Integration.

What is Shadow Integration?

It’s the juicy and courageous process of owning back ALL of the rejected (disowned) parts of ourselves.

As infants, we naturally live in the wholeness of who we are, because we haven’t yet been taught what is “right” and “wrong.” And we haven’t yet discovered the parts of us to which others respond “negatively” or “positively.”

Little by little, we’re conditioned to believe that certain parts of us — like the greedy, selfish or promiscuous parts of us (just to name a few) — are unacceptable. So we put those parts in a dark box within us and mark it “Do not open.”

The true spiritual journey is one of coming back to our innate wholeness. And in order to do that, we need to accept (even love!) and embody ALL of who we are.

Energy cannot be suppressed. So the shadow parts that we have rejected are always trying to come back home to us.

The good news is this: no matter how “negative” these parts of us might seem, they always have an energetic gift to give us when brought into our consciousness and expressed at a healthy, balanced way.

What do you think is the gift of selfishness when “dialed down?”

Or the gift of being a liar when used consciously?

Watch this week’s video (above) and discover the gifts of selfish, liar and even the potential positive side of violence.

In the video you’ll also discover:

~ The process of how we develop shadow qualities

~ The #1 sign that you have shadow around a particular quality

~ The #1 tenant/premise of doing Shadow Integration (what you MUST believe for shadow work to work)

~ What chakra relates to grief and how sadness is a sort of “mini grief.”

~ What to do when someone is acting out dangerous shadow qualities – and much more!

My assistant, Cyshia Belin is now helping me do Chakra Talk. If you have any chakra-related questions you want answered, you can send them directly to: Cyshia@chakraboosters.com.

Thanks for diving into this deep, transformational topic with us. You’re a real spiritual warrior!

Much love and many blessings,

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