Boost Your 1st Chakra With This Simple Yoga Pose


Did you know you can affect your finances, business, love life and more with yoga poses? You can! As long as you do them consistently enough. You see, your energy centers (chakras) are located at specific areas in your body and they’re related to different aspects of your life (money, sexuality, love, etc). This means you can actually use your body to positively shift certain areas of your life. For instance, first chakra poses can affect your finances, second chakra poses can affect your intimate life, third chakra poses can affect your personal power and confidence, and so on.

As a sort of intro to summer weather, I’ve filmed a short series of easy yoga poses and corresponding movements that relate to each chakra and I’m going to share them sequentially with you from the ground to the crown. If you follow this series, by the end of it, you’ll be able to do a short morning ritual of seven movements that will balance all your chakras. It’s a great way to start your day!

In this post, I’m focusing on the root chakra. It governs your tailbone, feet and legs and it’s related to the color red. Red is a dense, slow vibrating color so this is your deepest, most earth bound chakra. It’s all about your sense of survival and security and pertains to everything physical in your world. It’s connected to your personal boundaries as well as your health, work and money. It’s also related to your home and your “tribe” (that is, your extended family).

It’s all about apana energy – the energy that goes downward, so it’s related to your sense of being grounded and physically present in your body. The pose that I demonstrate here is squat pose. The Sanskrit yoga term for it is malasana (meaning “garland”), but I think squat works just fine.

To do it right, you want to separate your feet hip-distance or a little wider, and squat down. Then, to keep the pose from becoming too passive, push down into the fore corners of your feet (big toe mound, pinky toe mound, inner heel, outer heel) and lift your toes. This ignites your leg muscles and creates something called “muscular energy.” Muscular energy is the bodily energy that is related to boosting your first chakra. It’s simply the action of pulling your muscles inward to create more solidity and strength.

The root chakra is a masculine, contractive chakra, so women usually need to practice muscular energy more than men for overall balance (in the same way that men tend to need more stretching than women).

The first chakra is the home of the Divine Masculine. Practice it if you want more security, strength and all forms of stability (including financial) in your life. Here’s a little music video of my first chakra song. Play it while you practice this pose and boost your root chakra even more.

In the next video and post, I’ll introduce a pose for the second chakra, the home of the Divine Feminine.

Another easy way to shift the energy of your chakras 24/7 is to wear my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™.

Enjoy your body. Embodiment is the new “enlightenment.”

Love and blessings,



  • joan
    June 25, 2014

    oh I just love this…for a life time I have NEVER EVER liked yoga before…endured yes, liked nope…too much pain and strain…and today I love this divine shifting and partnering…body says YES to your creative teaching style…chakra yoga is for me…thank you…palms together…big smile…looking forward to next video 🙂 YESYESYES!!

  • Vicki
    June 25, 2014

    Joan, It fills up my heart to hear you say that. Good for you, hon! Embody your spirituality. We are here to enjoy our bodily experiences. More videos to come my Yoga Goddess. xoxo, Vicki

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