Balance Your Heart Chakra with this Easy Technique


This is my fourth video blog in a 7-video series for boosting and balancing your chakras with Transformational Power Questions (TPQs). I’m dedicating a video to each chakra. Here are the other video articles so far:

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Check into the first (root chakra) video, if you want to learn more about TPQs.

In this segment, we’re going to balance your heart chakra so you can experience

more love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. The heart chakra is green and it has an element of air, which makes it very easy going and light by nature. When it’s strong, you feel good, peaceful and connected to others.

Your hands are a conduit of your heart chakra energy, that’s why they’re so good for hugging and doing healing like massage-work, reiki, or other modalities.

Here are the Best TPQs for Boosting & Balancing Your Heart Chakra (in regular and progressive form):

1) Why am I so loving to myself and others? Why am I becoming more and more loving?

2) Why am I so compassionate? Why am I growing more compassionate all the time?

3) Why am I so forgiving? Why am I more forgiving every day?

4) Why do I feel so grateful? Why am I becoming more grateful all the time?

5) Why am I such a great natural healer? Why do keep becoming a better and better healer?

For the best results, say each statement several times every day – and feel your heart grow!

With love,


P.S. Get a free copy of my Heart Chakra Healing Song here.

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