3 Lessons of Your 3rd Eye for More Powerful Intuition


Each of your individual energy centers (chakras) relates to a particular area of your life, and because of this, each one has some specific life lessons to teach you. This video is part of a series I’ve created for you, where we journey through each chakra and focus on the 3 key life lessons of each one. In this article, I’m going to focus on your brow chakra, which is also know as your “3rd eye.”

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Your 3rd eye is located in the middle of your brow. It relates to your intuitive abilities and your connection to your Higher Self and spiritual guides. It’s color is indigo, which is why children who are born with strong spiritual connections and psychic talents are often referred to as “indigo children.”

This chakra is the highest feminine center, so it carries a lot of wisdom and has some great lessons to teach you.

Here are the 3 Key Lessons of Your 3rd Eye:

1. We are ALL (yes, YOU) Intuitive and Psychic

The HeartMath Institute did one interesting study that showed that the heart reacts to unknown events five to seven seconds before they happen. I’m not going to go into the details here, but it is a fascinating study that you can read about here.

In any case, you have an emotional energetic field that susses out the future for you. Your heart literally knows what is coming by at least a few seconds, and often much longer. I have had many pre-cognitive experiences of events seven years before they happened.

The reason most people aren’t aware of their intuitive and psychic powers is because they have been taught to trust their logical mind over their inner knowing. So it’s likely you are blocking out your intuitive hits, and this blocking causes your psychic “muscles” to get week.

So, I’m inviting you right now to build that muscle by taking my 30-Day Intuition Challenge. Simply vow to listen closely to your inner voice, and right down any hits you get. Then, see how accurate you are. If you do it every day, I’m confident you’ll discover that your intuition is more accurate than you realized, it gets stronger as you use it, and it saves you a lot of heart ache to listen closely to it and take action on what it shares.

2. We all have a Higher Self and Spirit Guides that Want to Help Us

Your number one spiritual relationship should be with your Higher Self, just as your number one earth-plane relationship should be with yourself (all other relationships reflect the nature of this primary relationship with yourself).

But beyond your Higher Self, you have a pretty cool spiritual posse that is always around you cheering you on. This includes loved ones who have passed, as well spirit guides, angels and saints.

Any entity in this group can help you, but you must ask them. So my advice is this. Pray with gratitude and also be clear when you need guidance and assistance.

In the same way that a relative can help you on the earth plane — but only when you actually ask them — an angel or guide will help you on the spiritual plane, if you ask with clarity and devotion. They may not always give your ego what it wants, but they will help guide in a way that is best for your spiritual evolution.

3. What You Envision, You Create

After spiritual energy comes down from above and enters our body at the crown, it moves down into our 3rd eye where it gets its blueprint.

Whatever you are predominantly focusing on and envisioning is what the energy will manifest into. A lot of people say,  “you get what you think about,” but that’s not exactly right. The manifestation process taps into way more than your conscious “thinking.” It feels into where your life force is most concentrated — that is, what you deeply believe in and habitually focus on (which is usually stored in the unconscious mind, out of your awareness).

Be aware of what you want deep down in your bones and how that shapes your beliefs and what you expect. What I find is that most people create more of what they expect, than what they want, because focusing on what you expect is the easy default mode. It works like this: a belief like “only controlling men are attracted to me” gets reinforced and recreated in a cyclical loop. Controlling men show up and the belief is strengthened, then that strong belief shapes the vision of more of them showing up, and when they do, it strengthens the belief again. Voila, negative spiral.

If you want to create something NEW, you must consistently and determinedly focus on and believe in that new thing you want to create/attract.

It’s very simple to say, and to understand, but a lot more tricky to do – especially in the consistent, faithful way that is needed. That’s okay, though. If this spiritual growth was super simple, how would it wake us up?

Here’s a way to test how well you’re doing with this third lesson: just look at your life and you’ll see the results.

Everything you see in your life is a reflection of what you have been expecting to show up – at least on an unconscious level. This means you might not be aware of it, so it’s it great that it actually manifests in your life to show itself to you?

A profound shift takes place when you trust that what is showing up in life is your creation. It motivates you to shift your focus to something higher and better. So why not get started and begin envisioning your best life now? You can create it, and it all begins with the blueprints you create in your 3rd eye.

Vicki Howie is the creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™, the beautiful, easy way to shift your chakra energy (and life!) 24/7. She’s also the host of the weekly Conscious Life Awakened Speaker Series. Sign up for the free series here and experience weekly positive shifts. Want to heal your heart chakra? Get a free download of Vicki’s Heart Chakra Song here. Blessings.


  • Cat
    July 26, 2015


    Love, Love, Love your video’s and classes! You are amazing. What you teach awesome things and make it easier to understand! Many, many Thanks!


  • Vicki
    July 28, 2015

    Thanks for the love and appreciation Cat… sending it back many fold! xoxo, Vicki

  • Diaspora
    August 1, 2015

    This is just what I needed to hear, today! Your blog is AWESOME!!!! Keep it coming, go with that FLOW, girl.

  • Vicki
    August 2, 2015

    Love and appreciate your appreciation Diaspora! Big warm blessings, Vicki

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