Taurus Full Moon Invites You To Connect to the Earth & Renew


Taurus Full Moon ~ Thursday November 6th 2:23pm PST

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Back to earth
back to roots
as leaves fall
flowers wither
barren appearance
shivering bones
Inside it is warm
Inside it is dark
Inside the seed softens
without this
going in
letting go
would ever
there is death
there is birth
Honor this space
back to the earth

In the ancient calendar, this is the new year. The veils between the worlds are thin and our side of the planet is dropping into it’s exhale. Emptying, cleansing, shedding, dying. On the other side of the planet, the inhale starts, spring awakens. On earth, this pulsation is ever occurring. Inhale and exhale. Open and close. Birth and Death. The whole planet is never in the same season or in the same time. The earth, though she has one body, is ever changing and growing.

We get so attached to what we think is happening in the world. I think of tales about the world being a broken mirror, each of us only seeing our tiny piece, or the blind wisemen groping the elephant, each declaring his tusk or tail or ear to be the truth of the massive mammal.

Even in this day of internet and global travel, we still only see a small side of the story. The mind takes what it wants from the words, images and sensations and declares this the reality.

But the body knows better. The body of humans, animals, plants and the earth. The mind can only manipulate the body for so long on this planet. After a while, even if you tell yourself, over and over that you don’t have that pesky cold going around, if you don’t also take time to honor the body, you will get knocked on your ass. You will miss work. You will have to stay in bed.

Taurus, Earth Goddess, Scorpio’s other half and the full moon queen this month, always brings me back to body. Mine, and nature. Just as she embodies the sensual energy of spring, she is also present in the exquisite deathing beauty of mid-autumn/early winter. She might be easier to celebrate as pretty maiden, sexy goddess or sacred mother, but her power as crone, wise woman, is just as potent, though in a different way.

Our culture does not revere this image. We struggle with aging, decaying, illness and dying. We declare war against these processes, we fear them, fight the, ignore them, attempt to manipulate and destroy them. This is futile. All of the above are necessary for life to continue and no one makes it out of here without walking through those veils, no one makes it out of here alive.

The Taurus full moon speaks to me of cycles. She sings of possibilities. She whispers of magic and mystery that are only available during the darkness, the unknown season, where life drops into the earth, to be transformed and healed by spirit, before it can be re-born into light. This is the best time for weaving new stories, for making new wishes, for dreaming new dreams. Our animal friends burrow into her trees, caves and ground. They sleep in her womb, babies are born into this darkness, and just in time, the sun returns and blossoming begins.

Our ancestors, guides and guardians are near to us now, the earth spirits have wiped the canvas. We can create whatever it is we want. From emptiness comes creation. But first, we have to honor earth and body. We have to slow down, drop in and pay our respects to the old ones. Look at the fear around illness and death. Humble ourselves before that which we have no control over, that which is the power that moves the world. Make peace. Forgive. Soften to the process that, time and time again, has renewed the essence of life herself.

It starts with your body. and taking it back to the earth.

Offer it to the full moon. Write a poem or prayer or song. Bury it in the ground. Stand barefoot, or better yet, naked. Acknowledge your flesh with all it’s weakness and beauty. Re-root yourself to the earth. Re-connect with the ancestors and the wise one. Rest in her arms and try not to to do. Just be. with her. For a little while.

There is great potential in this time, after the dissolution of such a crazy year. We can stay attached to our little mirror, our touch of the elephant, our mind-stories or we can surrender to the bigger picture, the bigger planet. Trust in cycles, trust in darkness, in the Crone Goddess. Bring your body back to the earth and we can all be re-born together.

Blessings and gratitude,


Bekah Finch Turner is a yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and moon devotee. For more information on her work and writing please visit www.sacredwayyoga.com. Tap into your connection to earth energy by wearing a Root Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoo™ or watching this video of the First Chakra Healing Song.


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