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Yesterday, my friend Blayne and I were celebrating New Year’s Eve Day in Sedona, AZ and we stopped in at one of my favorite metaphysical stores – Crystal Magic.  I bought a Laughing Buddha candle holder for my Laughing Buddha collection.  The happy buddha symbolizes and boosts abundance and good fortune.  When I walked out of the store, buddha in hand, I found a shiny dime at my feet.

Okay, I know a dime – shiny or not — doesn’t buy much these days, but finding coins is symbolic of more to come.  At least in my book it is.  And speaking of more to come… Blayne and I went straight from there to lunch at India Palace, where we were promptly seated at the feet of the Goddess Lakshmi herself.  A local artist, Paul Lawrence, had painted a wall mural that made it look like She was literally seated on the end of our table (see the posted photo).


I sat at the other (open) end of the table where there was no chair, so I moved it, before even noticing Lakshmi was there.  Then I looked up and was facing Her the entire meal.  Note the gold coins that spill freely from her left hand.  It’s sort of ironic that the word “lack” is even in her name, because Lakshmi is the Goddess of all things prosperous and positive.  Go Goddesssss!

I bring this up because recently my friend, Ed Mills, vlogged about “blessing all forms of abundance,” in his blog, “Evolving Times” and it made me think about how I have shifted my attitude about abundance in just that way.

I used to judge other’s forms of abundance in all sorts of subtle, counter-productive ways (using words like “ostentatious,” “wasteful”, and my personal favorite – “over the top”).

Now, when I drive through a nice neighborhood that is clearly elegant, but doesn’t “feel like me,” rather than turn my nose up, I acknowledge the level of abundance that is represented and say to myself, “in what way would I express this level of abundance?”

It’s a fun exercise! Suddenly, I realize that someone else’s large, suburban house in the Valley is their version of my more compact, modern beach house (a 3+2 would be perfect, with lots of windows, please) right on the ocean in Santa Monica (or Malibu would be fine).

In this way, not only do I not judge others or resist the energy of abundance, but I actually start to visualize what I specifically wish to create — and in that process start creating it on an energetic level.

Not surprisingly, as I have been practicing blessing all forms of abundance — prosperity has been showing up in my life more and more in fun, symbolic ways.   I keep “finding” (discovering) coins. And when I do, I consider it a wink-wink from the Universe saying, “More of this to come… keep your eyes open.” I say a heartfelt “thank you” as I pocket it — not just for the coin itself, but for its message of how abundance is right here in front of me all the time — if I just stay open to it.

I live just off Venice beach these days (thank you Universe!), so I walk the beach almost every day. And lately, the ocean has been giving me sand DOLLARS.   Now this might not seem too unusual of a thing to happen on a beach, but anyone who lives in the L.A. area knows that unfortunately, Venice and Santa Monica beaches are more likely to wash up empty soda cans and used plastic bags, than exquisitely, intact sand DOLLARS.

A couple weeks ago, Blayne and I were walking on the beach, and a sea gull dropped the biggest CLAM right near us. It was huge. And when we picked it up, it was alive and heavy. We marveled at how the seagull held this weighty, roundish object in its beak for even the shortest flight.

Amazing. I laughed. From sand DOLLARS to CLAMS (”clams” as in, the old term for money, moola, dinero, casharoony).   Blayne and I thanked the bird and the Universe for this lovely and inspiring message, and then we threw the clam way into the waves. We imagined it as a sort of investment… that this clam would go back and create a whole clan of baby clams.

In any case, blessing all forms of abundance – big, little, symbolic and literal –is a fruitful way to connect with the exquisite energy of prosperity!

Ed Mills of “Evolving Times” and I will be discussing this and other spiritually-oriented financial concepts on my radio show Sunday,  January 24 at 2 pm PST here:  http://www.spiritquestradio.com.

You can use the above link to access the launch of my new internet radio show,”Personal Evolution with Vicki Howie” this Sunday, Jan. 3 at 2 pm PST.  I will be talking about how you can take maximum advantage of the New Moon of the New Year (which falls on Jan. 15) by creating a Sacred Vision Board that encompasses what you want to create in all areas of your life in 2010.

I will also be leading two Vision Board Workshops this month on the fertile weekend of the New Moon.  Come create your Vision of what you want in all areas of your life (and don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what that is, as we explore your dreams and desires in the workshop).


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  • May 17, 2011

    For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to be living beside a beach (yet!) just look at a tree – any tree – and try counting all the leaves … abundance up there in those branches, or what?

  • May 17, 2011

    Yes, Sandman, yes — trees are ALL about abundance! Love it, thanks.

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