Open Your Heart Chakra with This Simple Yoga Pose


This is the 4th video post in a series of simple yoga poses that boost your chakras, so today, I’m going to show you an easy way to open your heart.

If you haven’t seen the previous video posts, you can watch them here:

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The important thing to realize about heart opening is that it’s totally natural for our spirit and utterly unnatural for our body. The latter is due to the fact that we have so many heart-closing daily activities in our culture. The main problem is that we sit in chairs most of the time. We even sit in one as we drive! This chair sitting tends to cause us to tuck our tailbone under and that action the rounds us and causes us to hunch our shoulders forward. Using a computer mouse at a desk or looking down and texting on a smart phone also tends to have the same effect. We roll our shoulders forward and inward.

To get the heart open, you need to reverse this chest collapsing, You need to elongate the front of your torso upward away from your waistline and then draw your shoulder blades down your back. This takes the head of your arm bones back and let’s your chest open. It causes your collar bones to “smile,” that is, to widen.

There are many more active ways you can do this heart-opening action, but here I’m sharing the most restorative version, so you’ll have no excuse not to do it (sneaky me!).

Think you’re too tired? This supine pose is perfect! You do it lying down and you simply allow gravity to help you open your heart by using either a bolster or blocks to press into the back of your chest and elevate and expand the front.

If you need a little motivation, keep this in mind: heart opening exercises give you a kick of the happy body-produced hormone oxytocin. So don’t be surprised if, a little while after you’ve done this pose, you’re smiling for no reason.

Now, if you add this back bend to the poses we’ve done so far, you have a short and simple yoga workout for your lower chakras. It is:

1st Chakra – Squat & Grounding Meditation

2nd Chakra – Cat-Cow & Stir-The-Pot

3rd Chakra – Locust & Boat Pose (with Breath of Fire)

4th Chakra – Lying over a Bolster or Blocks with Feet Together (long name= supta badha konasana

Happy chakra balancing!

Love and blessings,


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