Lose Your Mind… Come To Your Senses


Most of us know the value of “being in the now.”  We get it intellectually, just as we understand that taking a nice, tropical vacation is rejuvenating for our soul.  The problem is we don’t know how to get to “now.”

It’s kind of ironic.  Now is right “here” waiting for us, and we can’t get to it, because we’re so used to living from our “to do” list, and looking ahead to the next thing that needs to be competed and crossed-off.

Our heads spin with obligations and we forget to come into the juiciness of our bodies.

So, I’m going to give you a little road map back in.

Follow your senses.

It’s that simple.

Focus lovingly on smelling, tasting, touching, seeing and hearing.

In other words, engage fully with your world.

Start by closing your eyes and taking five deep breaths.  Then one-by-one, start focusing on each sense, opening it up to your surroundings.

As you incorporate each sense, you’ll find yourself feeling more and more “in the now” – as if your world suddenly went from regular broadcast to full HD with Dolby Digital Stereo.

What many people don’t know is that each of your chakras is associated with a bodily sense, so as you step into each of your different sensory modalities, you are actually activating and balancing each of your chakras.

Here are the correlations between the senses and the chakras:

First Chakra – Smell

Second Chakra – Taste

Third Chakra – Sight

Fourth Chakra – Touch

Fifth Chakra – Hearing

Sixth Chakra – “Sixth Sense”/Intuition

Seventh Chakra – this chakra connects us to everything, and is not associated with any of the senses.  It’s full communion with the Divine.

As you incorporate the senses, I suggest you do them in order – from the bottom up or the top down, so that you can emphasize either the Liberating Current that moves up the body or the Manifesting Current that moves down the body.

If you are feeling stuck or depressed, opening the senses from bottom to top with help you feel better — more free.  And conversely, if you are feeling anxious or ungrounded, then moving through the senses from the top down will help you feel more calm and relaxed.

You can take a few moments and do this practice as a sort of purposeful meditation, where you spend a couple minutes emphasizing each sense.  It’s a great way to start your day.

Or, you can just remember to incorporate your senses fully as you come across different stimuli throughout your day.

This technique is great, because you can do it every day without changing your schedule one iota.  The only thing you change is your perception – as you open it up and take in more of the fullness of your life.

When you do this adhoc technique, it’s not necessary to experience your senses in any particular order.  You can just open each sense as the world presents itself to you.

Here’s what that might look like:

As you awaken, you smell the coffee your partner is brewing in the kitchen.  You inhale more deeply and enjoy the richness of the smell.  You get up out of bed, and the moment your feet touch the floor, you become supremely aware of your soles touching the ground.

You experience the full contact of the cool floor on the bottom of your feet.  You walk to the bathroom with more awareness of your feet touching the earth with each step.  You put toothpaste on your brush, and notice the interesting texture of the tube as you squeeze out the paste.

Next, you “taste” the fresh minty flavor of the toothpaste as you swirl it around your mouth, fully enjoying it’s refreshing coolness.

You go into your closet to choose your outfit for the day, and you feast your eyes on all the colors and shapes.  You notice your eyes are naturally drawn to a blue sweater.  You reach out and touch it and the texture feels thick and uninviting, so your gaze moves to a blue silk shirt.  You touch it and it feels soft and inviting.  Your intuition tells you this is the one, so you grab it off the rack and put it on, feeling the silk lightly caress your skin.

You hear the TV in the kitchen.  You walk there and realize that the sound of the morning news is assaulting your ears.  You ask your partner if you can turn on some music instead, and you (hopefully) get permission.

You put on some light jazz you both love.

Ahhhh, your ears feel honored.  It seems like they’re even smiling.

You give your partner a good morning kiss — not a mindless kiss — but a sweet, fully-aware kiss.  Where your lips meet and mingle sensually.  You know what I’m talking about.  Even if it is a small kiss, it is filled with delicious awareness, sensitivity and appreciation.

Congratulations, you’ve lost your mind, and you’ve arrived fully in your senses.

You’re in the now.

NOW you can really enjoy your day.


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