Your June 2021 Energy Forecast: BIG Throat Chakra Healing

Hello Beautiful Soul and welcome to Your Energy Forecast for June 2021. We’ve got a solar eclipse, Uranus squares Saturn and Mercury is retrograde (in Gemini!) most of the month.

June can be a powerful throat chakra healing month if you take advantage of the solar eclipse and all the Gemini energy.

There’s also quite a bit of sacral healing energy and throat+sacral are a powerful, creative combination! This month is an 11 Universal month (6+2+0+2+1) in a 5 year (2+0+2+1), so even the numbers are telling us it’s sacral (11) and throat chakra (5) energy.

With the “ring of fire” solar eclipse, we’ve also got some solar plexus energy pouring in.

And finally, the crown chakra is quite present too with Jupiter still rockin’ out in Pisces.

Watch the forecast (above) to discover the three thematic suggestions (dos and don’t) for June and the key dates to note (including my favorite “sweet” day and the one I think is most challenging).

Be sure to stick around til the end to see what the Goddess cards say. I pulled one for the first half of the month and one for the second half. Both surprised me and the first one actually gave me a big “aha” around Mercury Retrograde and how far back we can look when we’re going over our past patterns.

If you enjoy this energy forecast, please help me get it out in the world by sharing it.

Have a healing June!

Much love and many blessings,


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1 thought on “Your June 2021 Energy Forecast: BIG Throat Chakra Healing”

  1. Thank you so much, Vicki. These forecasts are a tremendous help to me. I’m looking forward to working with my throat and sacral chakras this month. I purchased throat chakra boosters (which I haven’t done before) from you recently and have lots of sacral boosters thanks to the misprint sale you had.
    Love to you, Rosalie

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